Anyone living with walnut floors?

mjtx2June 3, 2012

Have about a week to make the flooring decision for the kitchen/dining area flooring. Walnut has been the selection but I worry a little about the denting issue. I've had oak several times before ... it dents/mars a little, and it hasn't bothered me. So I'm wondering about those of you actually living with walnut floors - how do you like it?

I thought about getting #1 common to get more "character" in the walnut so that if it dents/scratches it would kind of fit into the character look. And I like knots, but I don't like that the lower grades give more sapwood. I like the even color of select grade. I can't figure out how to combine the even color of select grade with the knots of #1 or even #2 common.

Thoughts/ideas/advice/experiences are needed! Thank you in advance!

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Do a search on 'Janka scale.'

It is used to rate the hardness of wood floors.

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Are you considering installing Brazilian Walnut/IPE?

If so, I'm curious as to why it would dent more, it's Janka rating shows that it is much more resistant to denting as compared to oak.

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Completely familiar with the Janka scale and American Walnut's relatively low standing - slightly harder than Cherry - thus the concern about wear.

I'm not looking at Brazilian Walnut just because the look is pretty different than American Black Walnut. It's also *much* tougher and more expensive to install and to be honest, I'm not sure of the installation experience for unusual flooring options in my area. And I love the color of American Walnut. Our kids are mostly grown and we don't have animals. We do entertain, however. And like the rest of the world we do sit in our dining chairs and push them away from the table when we're done eating - is it so soft that that will dent them?

I'm really just looking for someone who has experienced them first hand and wondering what caused the (assumed) damage, how hard was it to damage them, and what they might do differently. I think I can live with some damage but I just have zero experience with this wood type.

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We have a toddler, a medium sized dog and #1 Walnut floors. We are 3 years in and we have scratches but few dents.

We would do it again but we will also refinish after 5 years. I think that is more a function of the dark color rather than the type of wood. Most of the issues stem from the dog when she was a puppy.

We do have carpets where the dining chairs would be.

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David, thanks for the response. What room(s) is the walnut installed in? And do you know what kind of finish products your installer used - oil or water based, one part or two part systems, etc.? It's very helpful to hear from someone with real life experience with walnut, so thanks so much.

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All downstairs and upstairs hall and 1 bedroom.

It was a 2 part. We wanted water based at the top and they used an oil based product initially. I am not remembering the exact names of the products but definitely the top urethane is water based.

We did put a slight stain on the wood just to help bring out the color.

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