New tile accents on already laid tile backsplash

yasoJuly 18, 2012

We are building a new home and we thought to have simple tile backsplash for our masterbath tub with no inserts or accents as we are having granite countertop and stained cabinets.

Now we feel that 3"x3" or 4"x4" accents between two tiles will look good, builder says that they have to rip off the existing tiles and will have redo the work and asking for $1100 for both new tiles and accents. Accents costs about $120.

I would like to know whether it is possible to cut the already laid tiles to insert the accents.

I modified our master tub backspalsh photo adding the accents to give an idea of what we are planning to do.

Thanks in advance.

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I answered you over on the Remodeling Forum. No, you cannot cut the installed tile to install the accent tiles.

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You could use something like these Tile Tacks

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1100.00???? Tell him to kiss your butt and have a nice day!! For just the splash alone (no tub deck, etc.) I charge 150.00 for the basic splash, like what you have! Add another (to be generous) 200.00 for demo of what's there, you're STILL at less than 1/3 of what he's demanding!! GET SOMEONE ELSE, AND GET THAT NIMROD OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.

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Not only that, but he did a crappy job with the one he did to begin with!! He never should've put that small piece at the bottom-- should've been two equal pieces top and bottom. Then you could even put your accents where the 4 courners of the tiles came together!!

Sorry-- can you tell I have no patience for hacks that rape their customers?

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Thanks to all for the feedback.

@terriks: Will checkout tile tacks.

@bill_vincent: It is insane but since it is a new construction, we don't have an option to go with outside contractors. Probably once we got the house and move-in, we might redo the backsplash.

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Then make his life miserable by pointing out the sliver pieces, and tell him it should be equal pieces top and bottom, and you want it changed before payment. I'll tell you-- I sure's hell wouldn't accept that.

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