Cambridge Americast bathtub by American Standard

aakaJuly 15, 2010


I am planning to redo my bathroom and I was looking for a decent bathtub

I am getting a contractor to do this project. He is suggested Bootzcast Tub from Homedepot - the material as per the manufacturer is porcelain-on-steel.

Cast Iron I understand is very heavy - I am not sure if my floor will be able to support the same. I live in a about 50-60 yr old Ranch style home. This in bathroom is in the home level - below we have a finished basement.

Can any one tell me any feedback for Cambridge Americast Bathtub by American Standard as I liked what I saw...

Please let me have any feedback-comments-suggestions yuo have.


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We installed a cast iron tub as part of our reno (2nd floor in a 40+ yr old bi-level/hi-ranch). It is very heavy, but we had the floor joists/supports checked out (by plumber?) and we were good to go. If you are thinking you might prefer a cast iron tub, it might be worth it to find out if your floor joists can support one, before deciding against it.

I can't speak to Americast, though a contractor friend had suggested it, and has installed plenty of them. I liked what I'd read about cast iron (with regards to heat retention, and the strength of the enameled coating over cast iron). DH and I also liked the feel (the solidity) of the cast iron tub we looked at in the store (Toto 1525), and we were already very impressed with the Kohler cast iron shower pan we'd had installed in our guest bathroom. We did take a look at some of the Americast and porcelain-on-steel tubs at HD, but preferred the cast iron.

FYI, supposedly Toto is not selling, or going to sell residential cast iron tubs anymore, but there are other manuf out there (e.g. Kohler) who do if you decide to go that route after all.

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Thanks for this post 'Cat Mom' - I was wondering if I posted this in the wrong section - so far no one has said anything bad about Americast - I will look into your advice on the floor joist.

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I have an Americast tub at the suggestion of my contractor.

I have only had it for six months so I can not speak of long term durability. I think it has a decent finish, it is easy to keep clean and it has a better "feel" than an all acrylic tub or a more basic enameled steel tub. Not quite like cast iron, but not plastic or too rattly.

The cast iron I took out was definitely quieter, and if weight or the extra cost is not a problem, I would still consider cast iron. However, so far I have been happy with the Americast.

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Thanks palimpsest - my reasons for going for Americast is similar as yours. I dont think we currently have cast iron. i think it is porcelain...i am not wanting to spend too much money and I am not sure if my structure could handle the cast iron weight so finally i would probably go with Americast - i was trying too see if anyone would also be able to tell u if Bootzcast or Americast is better...but never the less thanks anyway

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I dont think enamel over steel is the same as cast iron. Better do some checking on that tub and pin down the contractor.

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Enamel over steel as not the same as cast iron, no.
Americast is a proprietary finish of American Standard that is a bit different than enameled steel, in my understanding. Most houses of your vintage should be able to carry a cast iron tub of conventional size without a problem structure wise, especially since you are putting it where the old one was. Problems tend to arise in older houses that were not structured for bathrooms and when putting bathrooms in a place where none existed before.

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