Bathroom layout suggestions welcome and needed!

lotteryticketJuly 21, 2013

We are finally getting closer to start our master bathroom remodel. We have kind of a standard bathroom with a walk in closet next to it. We have moved the closet to a larger area and will demo the wall between the two to pick some more footage.

The bath will be 8' X 14'. I would like to keep the toilet in it's current location but am a bit concerned if there is enough room between it and a double vanity. If it has to be turned, so be it. The plumbing for it is already in the exterior wall.

The entrance door does need to remain on the long wall opposite the exterior wall. It might help to know that the door goes into a hallway and opposite the bathroom is a large walk in closet with double pocket doors centered on that wall. I was thinking on also centering the bathroom door so there would be some symmetry in the hallway but I can live with it if we move the door somewhere else along the wall.

I would like to get two windows in here. They can be placed anywhere but I really like the idea of having one at the end of the tub. At the other end there could be storage of some kind, cabinets and/or shelves.

I also plan to put in skylights in some way to get more sunlight into the room. The exterior wall is on the eastern side of the house.

I already have the tub. I came across it at a price too good to pass up so bought it even though our plan is far from final.

The plan is for a separate shower with a barnstyle sliding frameless door (Fluerco maybe?) on the toilet side and a short wall, about 48" tall on the entrance door side. That would screen the view of the toilet from the hallway and give a little sense of privacy in the shower.

We are DIYers and will do the demo, carpentry and tiling and sub out the plumbing and electric work.

A friend, who is a designer, has drawn up five different layouts. Each has it's merits and drawbacks.

Any suggestions are so welcome. I've been saving for this for 17 years and I want to get it right!

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our bath is in progress. for our layout we were able to move plumbing. we put the toilet where your shower is and put a wall adjacent to the door to keep it private. we put the shower where your toilet and vanity is and put the tub along the same wall with the shower. The deck of the tub extends to become the seat in the shower. (the shower is long: ~ 6 feet)
the vanity is on door wall opposite side of the toilet. we have windows where your tub. If you don't want or can't move the toilet then I would put the tub length on the long wall and put the vanity on the other side and then separate the toilet with a pony wall.

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Have you thought about in the space between your bathtub and the wall to have a linen closet built in there. That is what we did except where your bathtub is, is where our shower will be.

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Thanks, Plumberry. I like your layout. My only issue is window placement and that had been a problem with every layout we've put together. DH does not want to have to get into the tub to open the windows and we only have the one exterior wall.

My favorite layout had the vanity on the exterior wall with double windows over it instead of mirrors or a medicine chest. DH can't quite picture this and he really hated the design. I loved it. Maybe I can talk him into it.

In the version above you would have to get into the tub to open one window but the other one is easily accessible. It just feels a little claustrophobic between the shower, toilet and vanity.

I will play around with your ideas a bit. Thanks again.

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Hi Robinle,

If we go with this layout we are going to use that spot behind the tub for linen storage. I forgot to draw it in there but it seems like a good place as it will be 18" to 20" wide.


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What about putting one sink on either side of the door, then putting the tub where you've got the vanity (rotate 90 degrees) and the shower where you've got the tub?

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Unless your linen closet will be accessed from the tub or bedroom, it isn't going to be that useful. Generally, a narrow, deep closet has things get lost in the back... Something to think about.
I like weedy's suggestion, and I'd turn the toilet.

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Hi Weedyacres,

That might work for us if we narrow the vanity depth to around 18" - 20". The tub is just under 36" wide and is an undermount. With the room only 8' wide that leaves less than 5' of clearance.

I hear you about the linen closet. We have one now that is way too deep. We will store blankets and sheets in an area in the master closet. We only need storage for towels, etc in the bathroom. If we get the right vanities that may be enough for us. We don't have a lot of "product/stuff".
Thanks everyone. You are all so helpful. We plan to start demo at then end of August. YAY!

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