Turkeys came out of bin....

PurplemoonNovember 9, 2011

Turkey Setting for One, just to give y'all a laugh for today!! ;o) My sweet friend, Carol (Kirk's wife) quilted me

this lovely little fall runner as a Christmas present last year. I just love it. The large turkey tureen was found at the antique mall, but is missing the spoon. The dishes, the glass with autumn leaves, and flatware (hidden mostly in the turkey 'bag') all came from DT. And the brown tin charger with the acorns was at Walmart last year. Fall napkin ring (set of 4) came from Hobby Lobby.

So, drum roll...NOT....here's my lonely little turkey lunch setting. LOL

Halloween is once again packed away, last week actually, and I got out some turkey things yesterday.

My small counter area between kitchen sink and refrigerator

The long kitchen counter.....hard to take pix of sparkly 'beaded' fruit without it looking weird. Plus I have to stand at an angle since my galley kitchen so narrow, there's no way to take this from straight on.

My tea cart "turkey-ied" up

Curio on left of bay window, Candy keeps 'making' me decorate now. LOL

close-up of top and bottom shelves

curio on the right side

and close-up of the shelves. All my little turkey figurines are S&P sets or candleholders. Except

the bigger white turkey on one shelf, its a small tureen.

Hugs, Karen

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You've done a GREAT job. Every part is beautiful and I'm loving all of your white turkeys. There is a certain elegance about white decor pieces that I'm only recently coming to love (I'm not a "white" decorator by habit).
I had plans to redo a few areas before Thanksgiving again but as usual , got sidetracked by something else.
Tomorrow , the helpful BIL + a buddy will be here to start moving out all the furniture in the living room , hallway and my sitting room (the kids former b.room) so I can begin the process of ripping out the carpet and getting new flooring down over the weekend. Merry Christmas said my DH.. lol
I have 2 more little shelter pugs coming here for foster hold early next week so chaos will once again commence and I will likely be stalled until time to do Christmas.

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Well......I'd say I "enabled" you, not that I "made" you decorate the curios, LOL. Besides, I can't imagine those decorations anyplace else, they look so fabulous in those curios.
I love your luncheon setting, it is perfect!! That runner with all of your fall/turkey dishes is wonderful. What a thoughtful gift.
You have a great collection of turkey decorations. I'm
so impressed with everything you have done! It all is staged like it was done professionally. It just knocked my socks off.



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I just realized on the 'colored' curio, I didn't do a close-up of the two middle shelves. One has tiny turkey S&P sets and the other my pretty pheasant tureen.

Candy, you are right, you certainly ENABLED me! (tho that's awfully similar to one lil' kid saying about another that "he made me do it". LOL)
I wish I knew where I could put my metal and bronze whippet statues tho. But I don't have to worry about it till next year I guess, since I always do these curios for Christmas. In all seriousness, Candy, my whining each time I see a beautiful hutch decorated and having no place to put one may have a resolution thanks to your enabling.
I have these two curios and my bay window, not a bad consolation at all. Bay window gets decorated all the time, but just never did the curios till I had your "help".

Gosh MM, you are going to be super busy with new flooring coming in and more Pugs to foster. WOW. I am a bit green over the flooring. I keep wanting to get estimates on doing the Pergo 'wood' in my house, but every time I think of all the stuff I'd have to move, its just totally overwhelming! Not to mention WHERE would I put all my breakables! (think Jazz aka Trouble too)
What color are you getting done? Nice Christmas gift from DH. ;o)

Be careful Fostering Pugs 101, you might just fail and need a bigger house. I know darn well that's why I can't foster, I'd fall in love with all of them most likely.
Keep us posted.

And thanks you two, such sweet words on my silly tablesetting and my decorating. You sure know how to make me feel good.
hugs, Karen

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Wow, PM! That placesetting for one ...is it for me???
I love it ...oh, that sweet Carol & Kirk ...for quilting that Fall runner just for you! It looks perfect for a backdrop for those pretty Fall colored dishes. Love the turkey tureen & that you used a light colored napkin to match...cute napkin ring & turkey bag for the flatware!

Your turkey plates & collection on your kitchen countertops make me green w/envy (that big green turkey, esp!) That vignette is so pretty w/covered crock & vase of flowers!

Curio cabinets...WOWSER! I love seeing your collections...the pumpkins, turkeys, pilgrims, everything! Looks great! I do really enjoy the white turkey S&P collection, too, & the pumpkins. Wow, what work to change out the curios! Well worth it!!!

Your teacart looks GRAND...who has that oval plate? Candy? It is so beautiful! & I am lovin' your Pilgrim nutcracker...such a cute vignette on the teacart!

You've been busy & I've enjoyed lookin'! TFS, PM! Jeanne S.

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Karen :
I could only DREAM of doing Pergo "wood" in my house. Far to many paws come and go for it to survive very long.
Earlier this year when we decided to do the kitchen, I found the really nice hardwood look linoleum at that big orange box store and loved it. It's tape down so simple to put down and no fumes from the glue.
It looks fabulous and can withstand the amount of traffic we have here.
I wanted to do tile through the house but that's just to cold for my liking in the winter so for all intentive and obvious purposes , linoleum wood it is in a light oak pattern and big area rugs.
I of course know it's not the prefered or "trendy" thing, but we'll likely be here until we pass on so onward and forward.
As to the other,I've found fostering is HARD but on the same hand, one of the most rewarding things. Don't kid yourself, I've failed (twice...lol) , but that doesn't represent the 5 (including an abandoned litter of 3 puppies , now that was tough to let go but I did) I've sent on their way to new homes with a different agency than I'm working with now.
By next week I will have 6 here (4 are ours- YES, we failed and are formally adopting MICKEY because Hubs fell for him hook line and sinker..lol) so the house will be full of snoring energy and chaos but it's worth it all.
Aside from fosters, we've had the neighbors boy, my Milos sister , my Remis brother & their parents, a friends 2 plus a coworkers 4 here as visitors so experience comes in paw loads [along with the fuurrrr , oh the fur!].
Ones like the next 2 are easiest for me because I CANNNOT fail, they are already lined up for homes in another state but have to be out of the shelter for 4-6 weeks before transport to prevent spreading kennel cough and the like with others on the same transport route.

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MM, Pergo is supposed to be much indestructable. Lots of dog people I know have it. Its definitely a lot less of a problem than real wood. I love that you just vacuum it, no mopping needed like most floors. This house already had it in the entry way and the hall, but I hate the color previous owner chose. There is ceramic tile in bathrooms and kitchen, and carpet in rest of house. I love carpet but this needs replacing, and Jazz decided its a great big scratching post. He's the first cat I've had serious problem about sharpening his claws on carpet! Figures!
I'd still want big area rugs tho.
By the way, thanks for all your fostering. I so admire people who do that for animals of any kind. I use to rescue cats years ago, at our old house and know it can be difficult letting some go. Not to mention kittens and puppies are so irresistable to begin with!

Jeanne, that oval plate on the teacart was from DT last year! Its just thin plastic but I thought it was awfully pretty and the price couldn't be beat! As for changing out the curios, its really not that much work for me and goes pretty fast. My kind of 'project'. LOL

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I'm so glad I stopped in this morning. Your place setting is gorgeous. Love the fall runner Kirk's wife made. Great find on those napkin rings.

You always have such beautiful counter displays. Your tea cart all "turkey-ied" up is great. What ever you have hanging above looks like the perfect wall decor too. Love your fall nutcracker.

I'm lovin' the curios decorated for fall. I keep scrolling up and down to see it all! Wonderful job on these cabs. You have alot of beautiful pieces displayed.

MM, so happy you'll have new flooring by this weekend. Also it's great you foster. Probably a good thing they are already adopted.LOL


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What a pretty quilted piece from Carol, they are sure a talented couple! Your place setting for one turned out great. I really like all the colors and your bag for the silverware is a clever idea. Cabinets look great, lots of pretty items on display. You know how sometimes we get so used to "seeing" things that we don't really "see" them anymore? Now with changing out your cabinets more often, you will be more aware of how pretty all your treasures look in them I think.

MM, what a sweetheart you are to foster the pugs. Dogs are so fun with their antics, but can also be lots of extra work too. They are lucky to have you as their foster mom.


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Love those turkeys. You have surely outdone yourself with all the decorating you have done. That quilted runner from your friend is to die for. How wonderful to have such thoughtful friends. I really love your long counter, and all the different things in your curio. You have been busy finding and displaying all your turkeys and pumpkins. Your tea cart is just too neat. I really enjoyed seeing them. Janet

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Marlene Kindred

Wow Karen! Your decorations are wonderful! Love the table setting for one and Carol's table runner is beautiful! I especially like the green turkey....you can send him to me if you get tired of him! LOL All of your pilgrims, turkeys, etc. are just beautiful too. Love the Pilgrim nutcracker...he is just darling. And the big leaf plate in your window is really nice too...as are all of your kitchen decorations! You go~

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Karen you did such a lovely job on all your Thanksgiving decor! YOur curios look so grand with the beautiful Turkey, Pumpkin and figurine collections...You have so many!
'Turkey setting for one'... is nicely done. Carol's gift is beautiful and is just perfect for this setting. I love the color finish of that Turkey too.. he's very different looking.
Your counters, as always have such nice displays and you did a lovely job on the Teacart vignette...with another beautiful turkey!
Wow...you were fast with putting away your Halloween and setting this all up...Isn't it a shame it's only out for a short time? I think we need more time to enjoy it all.


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