Can't View Shows on (Free) Hulu

not2brightFebruary 10, 2013

I've been trying to watch an old TV series on (free) Hulu. I tried first in FF 18. But after watching the first part of an episode of the show and after coming back from the first commercial break, the player would go black. No activity whatsoever.

I did some research and tried several suggestions made:

1. right-clicking the screen area and clicking on 'settings' and DE-selecting "enable hardware acceleration" worked for a little while, but at the last commercial break in the episode it happened again.

2. trying Chrome (or in my case Comodo Dragon) -- this also worked for a (longer) while but eventually it, too, refused to play after returning from a commercial break.

3. I tried it in Opera. Same thing. Works for a while. But it refused to play, always after returning from commercials.

I looked at the Hulu site and there was a suggestion that a firewall might be blocking some FF plugin but I can't find that in my windows 7 firewall list.

I also looked at FF, CD and Opera forums and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of discussion about this.

I know I have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (which Hulu apparently uses).

Is anyone else experiencing this problem with Hulu or does anyone have a suggestion ?

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I would open a topic at the Hulu site.


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You're probably right, Joe. :-)

But fortunately, and for whatever reason, it's actually been behaving itself the past 24 hrs. or so. (fingers crossed)

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Sounds like your browser cache is too small. Streaming Video's don't always clear with the normal clear cache method if they haven't completed the file download. They seem to have to grow a few hours old or age some time amount before they will clear.

Its a good idea to let those streaming type video's reach their end and stop .. meaning watch the ending credits/music.

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As a matter of fact, I always exit the episode before closing credits, so you may have something there, mikie. I'll try it and see what happens Thanks. :-)

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