Thanksgiving Table #2

slinkeyNovember 15, 2011

Was able to put this together today.

This is the second time I'm using these dishes. I bought them last year at Dillard's online - (Johnson Bros Brookshire). They were on clearance - with shipping they were $38.

I thought they were perfect for Fall/Thanksgiving.

The tablecloth was a great buy..I found it at a local Thrift Shop - on clearance $1.50 ! It's perfect for

Thanksgiving with a Fall pattern and turkeys!

For the CP, I used an Iron Candleholder I found last Summer at GW. I've been eyeing them at PB..but way too much money. This was only $3. I took the Pilgrim Couple from my white hutch and added them here.

Here's a close up of the plates. The pattern has different game birds. The Chargers are Walmart..several of us were lucky to find them there.

I found the brown flatware at Brylane Home.

Closer look.

Thanks again for looking..sadly this will all be put away .

I'll leave my mantel and white hutch decorated for Thanksgiving...I'll set the long table in that room for Thanksgiving. Everything else will start to go into Christmas mode! Before you know it, we'll be doing Valentine's Day! >>> Only Kidding...looking forward to enjoying as much Christmas as I can!


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jane ...this is so lovely & that t'cloth could it not be more than perfect!!! What a find!

Your Johnson Bros dishes from Dillards sure capture the essence of Fall/Tksgvg! And the brown flatware matches exactly! Great find, too! What dishes do you set for your long, lots of work!

Love that bargain iron candleholder centerpc & all the votives, pumpkins & leaves...a very lovely table! TFS! Jeanne S. (& I hope you are looking forward to Christmas!!!)

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christmascandy is this NOT your Thanksgiving table???
Its perfect, the dishes, the tablecloth (great find BTW), your(my, LOL) chargers, the centerpiece, the flatware, everything just screams Thanksgiving.
If you are eating at another table, why not use this to hold the desserts?
Are you changing it to Christmas? It just seems like such a shame to not share this with your guests.

Anyway, I love it and think you totally captured the essence of Thanksgiving.


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Jane, another beautiful set of dishes. Great pattern and wonderful price. Nice job layering with those salad plates. Are they part of the set? I have a Dillards card and love using it on clearance items.

Your cp is so pretty and that Pilgrim Couple is perfect for this TG table. Lovely table cloth and what a great price. The candle holder with the colored votive cups and your other fall votives are so pretty. Great job!

Hope you have a wonderful dinner with DD, boyfriend and DDad. It is sad to know this won't last long but I for one will love seeing all your Christmas decor soon.

We got hit w/snow today and there was one car upside down and another in the ditch on my way home from work tonight. The news said fog is coming in so I'll have a fun drive into work in the morning! Oh 'Baby It's Cold Outside' at 11 right now. Did you send this my way, honey?LOL I don't like it!!!


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WOW...beautiful!! And 'ditto' on what the others said.
I'm late to your dinner party as my server was down all evening and I couldn't online. But glad I got some of the eye-candy, even if its 2:30 in the morning. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Oh my goodness! This is just such a beautiful table. The dishes are perfect! The centerpiece and that is around it makes me swoon! I need to check out Brylane Home next time I get the catalog! Love the flatware. The tablecloth is just beautiful!
I know what you mean Jane about setting a TG table for no one. I will be doing a table this weekend but we will be spending the day with DH's family about an hour away. It's still fun to do and I can enjoy it alllll to myself LOL.!

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WOW, Everyone has said what I would have said.
I love the tc and the dishes,the flatware and well.. everything. Wonderful table.

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OMG ! that looks so warm and inviting

Now have a silly question - I see the immaculate table settings all the time, especially in here , I always wonder what do you do with all the decorations, when you have the guests and actually serve food ? I'm sure you don't want them all messy with spills and all ..

My formal dining table just has a table runner , with a couple of candles and a centerpiece .. I even take them out when we have guests over to serve food .

Also what is the use of Charger ? Sorry for being so dense .. this something that I always wanted to clear it up

Thanks & have a wonderful day !

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Welcome Crozzroad, so happy to have you joining in. I'm going to let Jane or one of the other gals answer your questions since I can't be on here typing long.

Jane, another gorgeous table and I love all your finds. I especially like the new brown silverware, it is so pretty. Hope you had some creative fun putting this all together. You sure gave us pleasure getting to look at how pretty it turned out.


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Welcome, crozz...I can only answer for 'me' ...cause I still use the t'cloths for special get-tog w/our family & if anyone spills, they will come out in the wash! LOL!

At our house, everything is mostly 'buffet' style ... so they carry their plates & flatware to the table. I'd never heard of the term 'charger' before I joined this I don't know the real purpose (except sometimes it's like a placemat & is aesthetically appealing to me) I enjoy the seeing chargers used in t'scapes!

If there is too much on my table for a centerpc, I just move it to the buffet & put it back later. Isn't it fun seeing all the lovely tablescapes on this Forum! It's like looking at 'art!' Jeanne S.

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Slinkey, another fabulous table. Those dishes are fantastic for a
Tg table and the ts tablecloth is an unbelievable find. Your cp is just lovely, one of my favorite things is wrought iron + pewter, ironstone, baskets and soooo much more. It is hard to limit oneself to just one "favorite".You are such a talented Tablescaper. TFS Janet

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Thanks Candy... Karen...Kath.Nana..Luvs and Janet...
and Welcome to you Crozz!

I'm happy I got to do this table and that you all enjoyed it. I will be using these dishes (on the long table) for TG. That table is between my kitchen and family room and has a less formal feeling. Everyone prefers to sit there whenever they come over...It's just more casual - like us!
When we were building this house I didn't want a formal DR. People just seem to always gravitate around the kitchen island, but DH insisted we have one. I think we've sat in there about a half dozen times! It's also a seperate room, and I hate that my Black Hutch and large China Cabinet are in there where I can't enjoy them.
I don't know if any of you feel the same about formal DRs.
My white hutch, which has a more casual look to it, is in the open room with the long table. It just feels more comfortable sitting there.

Crozz...I'm like Jeanne...when there's a large amount of people...the food is usually set up on a buffet table. Everyone helps themselves and brings it to the main table.
I keep the CP more simple so it doesn't overwhelm the table. I also use a CP on the buffet table. As far as a charger's used more as a 'decorative accessory' rather than having a function.

Punk...No honey...I wouldn't wish that snow your way!
but you take care driving down the mountains..those cars that usually flip are going too fast for their own good and for the safety of others!


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Thanks for the welcome, now I can pick your brains ... LOL !!! you guys are so kind and so inspiring .. you don't know a huge mystery solved !

Now I know why it is called a 'Buffet' table .. we have a small one , have a few candles and stuff, next time should try this idea .. once again thanks guys & have a nice weekend !


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Love it Jane! The centerpiece is fabulous and now I need brown flatware!:)
The dishes are beautiful, what a buy!
And the tablecloth, so pretty!

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Marlene Kindred

Well, heck I missed this one too.....another beautiful table Jane! So warm and inviting looking.

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