Bathroom Lighting and Tile Questions

rosiegoldenJuly 1, 2014

Our to-be-remodeled bathroom is 4' wide by 10' long. There is a tub alcove on the right at the back of the room (see photo).

Aesthetically speaking, the plan is:

*Classic white subway tile in shower and on the walls, with black pencil trim.
*Black and white flooring - either basketweave or hexagons
*White cast-iron tub
*IKEA Godmorgon vanity in black/brown with white ceramic sink top
*Remove that enormous closet on the left and replace with the IKEA Godmorgon high cabinet, in black-brown.

The overall goal is a very classic black/white look with a little bit of modern tone as well.

I plan to have a can light installed in the tub/shower, an important source of light since we will keep a shower curtain (and not use shower doors). In addition, I plan to have a schoolhouse light installed over the recessed mirrored cabinet over the vanity.

My questions are:

RE Lighting:
*The vanity will be 39" wide. Should I make the size of the mirrored cabinet small enough to allow for sconces on either side of it, rather than over the mirror? I know that sconces are better than an over-the-mirror light source for putting on makeup, etc., but allowing that much room might mean the mirror has to be very small.

*Do I need an overhead light as well, given how small the room is? The can light won't be useful in the room (as opposed to in the tub/shower) when the shower curtain is closed. If I do have an overhead light installed, what kind of fixture is usual? Flush, semi-flush?

RE Tile:
*I am unsure about whether to have tile baseboard installed, or simply some cove trim (with a little slope to where it meets the floor). I like baseboard, but don't want curvy/elaborate details at odds with the smallish room in a modest-type house. What have others done?
*Similar question about trim at the top of the 40" high wall tile: How is it usually finished off in a small/modest bathroom like this one?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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Re the overall lighting plan - our bathroom is a little wider than yours (6') but also long and narrow, about 6x10. On one long wall is a space for the scale, then the door, toilet, and a bump out at the far end. On the other long wall is a 60" 2-sink vanity with full mirror, then a space, then the shower (which is about 5' long and covers the short end of the room.

We have two of these lights - one over each sink (couldn't fit lights at the sides) and a shower rated light over the shower, and the lighting is excellent. No additional overhead light is needed. I'd add up your lumens - we found that around 3000-3500 lumen output is good.

George Kovacs ADA 20 1/2" Wide Nickel LED Bath Light Style # W1273

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This is the Kovacs light sj refers to

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Thanks - I couldn't figure out how to do that!

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Thanks so much. Good to know about the lumens, I will make a note of that on my fixtures/supplies list.

This is one of my inspiration pictures. I noticed that there are can/recessed lights over the vanity, and nothing on the wall. I am giving this serious thought as the room is so small that less is probably more.

Do you think that would be sufficient light in a room this size?

Transitional Bathroom by Ottawa Design-Build Firms Sandy Hill Construction Ltd.

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