Need help with color choice - White or Kohler Biscuit?

margarJuly 25, 2011

New to posting on this board, but I have been quietly lurking and pouring through these message boards and am amazed at the amount of information a person can learn from you all. It is fantastic and incredibly helpful! What a wonderful forum this is!! So with that said, here is my question....

Remodeling a small hallway bathroom that is for guests or kids bedrooms to use. It is a compartmental bath with the sink area being 48" wide by 66" long. This sink area is divided by a 24" door that opens to the toilet and tub/shower area. This area is small and is 73" wide by 66" long.

Purchased a Kohler 42" Ballard vanity in "nutmeg" and their cast iron sink in "cane sugar". Sink faucet finish is Kohler "vibrant brushed bronze". Problem I am having is that the toilet and tub are white. I think it would look better with the toilet and tub being changed out to kohler color "Biscuit" , but not sure that I really want to spend more $$$$ for a change out just for color. The toilet is stamped in the tank 1985 but still works fine - and as it is not a low flush toilet, it does its job fine :) The tub actually could use a change out, but it is not chipped. Just not as glossy as it once originally was. It is a steel tub, that I am sure was builder grade - circa 1975.

Tile in bathroom will be changed to something other than the existing 1975 white 3 inch hex tiles. Going to go with something neutral though. Just haven't gotten that far :)

The "cane sugar" color on the vanity top is really a great neutral color. It is a warm neutral color, but not white. So.... do you think the white toilet and tub will look oddly somehow "off" when seen neat the "can sugar" top? As the area is separated by the wall, I guess it might not be as apparent if the toilet was right up next to the vanity sink. Maybe? I don't know - I hate doing this remodeling stuff!!!

OK - one more question for you.... I was originally planning on taking out the wall & door that divides the sink / toilet area but am having large second thoughts. I know if I take it out, the small bathroom will feel much larger. That would be wonderful! BUT, I am now thinking that the door inside the bathroom does provide more privacy for a person using the bathroom, as two doors can be closed while they are using it. And this was also great when my kids where little (empty nest now) as one could bathe while the other could use the sink - at the same time. Do you think it is a positive or a negative to have that compartmental bath style?

Floor Plan:

Kohler Ballard 42" Vanity:

Here are links to items mentioned and a floor plan drawing:

Link to color chart for cast iron, color "cane sugar"

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I love the compartment layout for a shared bath! We tried really hard to get one in our addition but it wouldn't fit that way. Our friends that have one took the door off it's hinges when her boys were small and didn't need the privacy, and rehung it when they grew. Even though you're empty nesters, it may be nice to have the option of rehanging the door when your kids bring their families to visit. Why don't you take it off now and see how you feel about it? Then when you remodel you'll be sure you made the right decision.

As for the white vs biscuit, they are SO close in color that no one but you would notice the difference, especially since the white isn't right next to the vanity.

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is the sugar cane a bit green? looks like it on the 'chip' color, tho not on the larger piece. it looks fairly white there - maybe just a bit greyer than white there.

anyway, is it a color you would want in a tub and toilet also? in case you'd decide to open the room up and change those out in a yr or 2. go with what you wouldn't mind having on all 3 pieces.

I've had 2 divided baths like that and liked 'em both. both were mine tho, not a hall/shared bath.

I'm gonna be going thru the color change myself this next yr. will be changing out the sink in my mstrbath and don't want white really - tho, the toilet and shower are white!

the toilet is a toto so I don't want to change it out and the shower would be just too much work, mess and money to change out. so I'm wondering how biscuit in a sink will look with white other pieces - lol!

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I would love to divide the bath in my new home. Even if the kids come visit with their little ones having a divided bath will be a big plus.

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Thanks for the input! Wow - sounds like the divided bath is a winner! I am really surprised. I thought I would have read that I should take it down. Hubby wants it to stay, says for re-sale value down the road it might be an advantage. alku05 that is a good suggestion to take the door down and see how it feels without it. Might give that a try.

I wound up getting a heck of a deal (couldn't pass it up) on a Kohler toilet in Biscuit, so I bought it today. Will take out the toilet in this guest bath and put it in another bathroom where the toilet needed to be replaced anyway. So I guess it worked out ok in the end.

Now I guess I will have to take out the tub and replace it with a Biscuit color one as it will be next to the toilet. Although when I put the toilet tank top next to my tub, it was just a slight color change. The biscuit is a warmer white than the stark white. The tub is the original 1975 tub to the house. Nothing fancy, just a steel tub. Which I guess I will go back with but this different color. Never had an acrylic tub, but I suppose maybe I should look into those before I get a basic steel tub.

desertsteph the chip does look like it has a greenish cast on line, but in person it is a creamy white with a dimensional pattern in the cast iron. So it looks like the permanent fixtures will be biscuit. Which is fine - cuz I am never going through this again! And that is what I said with the Kitchen remodel 6 years ago! But I guess the kitchen has to be THE worse place to remodel. That was a nightmare.

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Hey Margar, great question! I�m a designer at Kohler Co and have a lot of experience with matching the Kohler colors.

The Cane Sugar cast iron top is a perfect complement to the Ballard vanity in the nutmeg finish, it�s sort of a hybrid between biscuit and almond.

As for biscuit and white--Biscuit has a warmer feel while white is a very crisp, clean hue, but with the right colors around it, can be made to appear warmer. Pairing white with warmer metal accents such as brushed nickel and brushed bronze can help give you the warmer feel you are looking for.

Now, for the divided bath debate. If you keep the vanity area separate, with the cane sugar separate from the white fixtures, you can escape replacing the other fixtures in the biscuit color. The separate areas will be great for guests or children who may want more privacy. I would take a warmer toned tile (biscuit/ almond color family) and run it through both spaces- the lavatory and toilet/ bath area. This will give the idea that you are trying to blend the cane sugar and white together in harmony.

If you�re going to take the door off and give it more of that open look, I would vote for changing everything to biscuit. You could also choose Cane Sugar for the tub or almond for the toilet color, that could be a great option as well.

Last but not least, don�t forget the small design details that can sometime prove to be the most important. Be sure that the tp holder, towel bars, shower fixtures and even the toilet trip lever match the sink faucet finish. Seeing the same finish run all the way through the bathroom definitely shows you thought your design through and really care for the space.

Tip: There seems to be much confusion on the differences between the colors. Often times when I show colors to clientele in the showroom, I always send them home with the actual finish chip color. Colors have the potential to look drastically different from the showroom lighting, to your computer screen to the light in your own kitchen or bathroom. Take a color sample home, get it in your own light and then make a decision on how you feel about it.

Hope that helps!

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Travis714 thank you so much for your help!!! Glad that you saw this posting. Just want to follow-up and see if you (or any others on the site) can offer any other great suggestions.

I decided to go with the Biscuit color in the toilet. It is the Kohler "Leighton" toilet and it matches the cane sugar vanity beautifully. So now I have to purchase a new tub (it is from 1975 anyway) and it will be in Biscuit to match the toilet. I have purchased the lavatory faucet for the sink and it is the Kohler Revival style in "Vibrant Brushed Bronze". It is this model number: Revival widespread lavatory faucet K-16102-4 And also have purchased the Revival toilet handle in the matching Vibrant Brushed Bronze color too.

I absolutely LOVE the Kohler vanity. It is almost too nice to put into a bathoom - belongs in a family room :)

I have not purchased the shower / tub faucet & trim yet but the sales women at my local plumbing supply house suggested the Kohler "Devonshire" in the same Vibrant brushed bronze finish as she thought it would coordinate well, yet is less in price than the Revival. I really don't want to spend the $$$ on the matching Revival one. It is pretty pricy. So I was looking for a close match at a lower price than the Revival. Do you think it will look good? Or maybe you have a better suggestion for the tub /shower faucet?

Just curious.... from a design standpoint - do you think the bathroom would look better without the door / wall that divides up the space? I know that it is a great thing to have the seperate toilet / tub area for privacy, but I am thinking it will look more "open" without it. And also, the vanity has such a beautiful finish and pretty sides too, that it is a shame to put it between two walls. Here is a photo of the bathroom as it looks now - before the upcoming remodel. Hopefully this will give you a better idea what I am speaking of.

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I know I'm late in responding to this, but I just HAD TO for future lurkers because I have the EXACT SAME layout and exact same issue. We built a compartmental bath exactly like yours many years ago, and our plan was to do it all in white.

I came home one day during the construction and found that it had been a very productive day. The tub had been delivered and installed, and the tile work had already begun. But in fact, the tub that was already surrounded by tile was the wrong color: it was biscuit instead of white.

I could have made the contractor pull everything out, but instead agreed to let him buy me a biscuit toilet to match. The vanity in the outer compartment stayed white. It all looks great. No regrets. Frankly, I hadn't remembered this in many years until I ran across your post.

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My bathroom fixtures are American Standard Linen. I plan to replace the toilets but not the sink or the tub. What color in Kohler would match Am Standard's Linen? thanks

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