Walmart chargers in your decor anyone?

luvstocraftNovember 10, 2010

For those of you lucky enough to find those neat Walmart chargers that are so perfect for Fall, here's a blog where she used them to make some accessories for Fall. I just don't understand why our Walmart doesn't have them--just because it's Calif. doesn't mean we don't need Fall themed accessories! Enjoy! Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Walmart chargers accessory

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Those are really pretty - I got two of them for hubby and I but am wishing I had bought more - they are really pretty and very versatile .....


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Those are wonderful, Luvs! Now you have me wanting to go check my Walmart. I don't really need them for a tablesetting, but I use chargers under decor accessories during holidays. I really like these! Maybe I can go tomorrow! I hadn't seen this blog before either, so will check it out too.

By the way, I had to go to Dollar Tree to get some gift bags today, and they had wonderful Christmas dishes. Also you know the big mug and bowl I bought (stoneware) with the acorns a few weeks ago? Well they had the matching plates this time, so I grabbed two. Plus a goblet with the leaves. Very pretty, but they just had one left.
And I got two dish towels, and two oven pads. I love the soft cream color and leaves, and acorns!
I even remembered to get the gift bags. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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I had a few in my hand and put them back. I am not having Tgiving, and I have too many chargers! They are some type of resin. I like what she did with them!
You are quite the blog reader, Miss Luvs! :)

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Sorry Ladies...but last year at 'My Walmart' I bought
4 along with the matching napkin rings! However, I didn't see them this year.
Luvs, I really like what she did with clever.
I'm going to be posting some pics I did of a tablescape and I used those chargers again...I find I want to use them more than once, before Fall is over

Karen, I got a couple of those dishes with the leaf and acorn design..just 2. I saw the stems..picked them up...but put them back. Now I'm sorry.


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Luvs, those plates turned out so pretty. Lynn warned me they scratch easily so I need to clear coat mine. I bought some of the chargers and also the napkin rings in Aug. or Sept. this year. I will check next time I'm there for you.


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They have them at my Wal-mart, and I have fought with myself every time I go there. Chargers take up so much room and I have so many already. But I sure do like them.

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