Any experience with US Appliance online company

dizadncrJuly 14, 2014

Does anyone have any first hand experience with US Appliance online company? I am thinking about buying a gas range from them - best deal I could find - and the reviews I found on a review site aren't terrible, I guess, but not great either -- 7.5/10 out of 437 reviews - It's low enough to cause me some hesitation.

So I'd love to hear from anyone who has experience with them.


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I ordered a ton of stuff from them without any trouble, although it was 3.5 years ago.

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I used them 5-6 years ago. An oven came dammaged. They replaced it right away. Good service.

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i ordered several things from them a few years ago- no problems!

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Thanks All! I did order the stove, so I'm hoping everything goes smooth and I'm a happy camper when all's said and done!

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I have ordered from them three times.
Do not sign the delivery until you remove the wood frame.

I had a dish washer delivered while I was gone. The delivery was to be between noon and four. They arrived at six while I was at the barn.
They left the dishwasher outside the garage. As soon as I undid the wood casing you could see a forklift had pierced the dishwasher front control panel.
Three months later an insurance adjuster asked to see the damaged unit.
I had taken photos of the crate and damaged appliance along with the garbage men hauling the unit away.
Just inspect your new appliance before signing any delivery papers.

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Just want to let you all know I received my stove from US Appliance last Friday. I made sure I was home when it was delivered to inspect it and it arrived in perfect condition. Of course now I am very happy with my decision!!! I would have preferred to buy locally but my local store said they couldn't match the price (and proceeded to bad-mouth any company that could sell the stove for that price). my neighbor got the exact same stove a couple years ago and I saved over $300 from what she paid. I will definitely consider ordering from this company when I purchase the rest of my new appliances!

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