Dollbaby Ready for Thanksgiving

jeannespinesNovember 9, 2011

Because I woke up to this outdoors this morning, I decided to dress Dollbaby in her red corduroy jumper for Thanksgiving....Brrrrrrrr!

This is a view of bird arbor garden out the front windows...see the Junco perched on the orange egg basket ...& notice the corn is 'cobs' the little squirrels should be fat & happy! & am loving the pumpkin reflection on the arbor seat!

Back on topic here...anyway, Dollbaby threw a fit when I dressed her in the corduroy & wanted to wear this 'cooler' outfit instead!

I guess it's kind of Fall colors ... a little orange in the yellow's a TS find I got for Dollbaby this summer! The little crocheted booties I found at TS on vac last yr. She loved the monkeys on the bodice of her dress I gave her my 3 brass monkeys on a quilt thread spool to enjoy:

"Speak no evil, See no evil,Hear no evil."

Used a little basket for her tray'scape with 'chicken' milkglass covered bowl & her little white teacup:

Well, hope you enjoyed her Thanksgiving tray'scape ... she was very mischievous today as I tried to do some Thanksgiving decor...more to share later. TFlookin'! Jeanne S.

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That first picture is gorgeous...yours always are so perfect for greeting cards. Does Hallmark know about you??
They are really missing out I think.

Dollbaby is precious, in anything she wears and any time of year. Tho from the weather, better tell her corduroy was a good idea. ;o) (But let her keep the monkeys for tonight since you said she's being mischievous).

Well, guess you and DB have reminded me that I really should get Teegan out of my closet, see if I can put her in the too-big high chair, and let her celebrate too. I
have an idea for a dress now....will let you know if it works, but she is NOT monkeying around. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Well, sometimes you have to let little ones have their own way. But, I sure wouldn't want to be wearing short sleeves with all of the snow outside your window!
I agree with what Karen said, your photos should be on professional postcards or greeting cards!
Looking forward to your Thanksgiving photos.


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I agree that your pictures should be sold by 'Hallmark'!
You captures the little bird sitting there and the reflection of the pumpkin...just perfectly!

As for DB giving you a hard time.... they do say that babies and young children have higher body a temperature than adults. Sooo even though there's snow outside, I guess this was her way of letting you know she wasn't ready for corduroys just yet.
You always find the sweetest outfits for her....even the little monkeys and tablescape is the cutest.


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Awesome picture!!! Dollbaby is darling and love the monkeys, matching hat, booties and decorated tray. Tell DB she won't be able to go outside and enjoy the snow unless she changes clothes.haha

BTW, TJ's wearing her new outfit and I will share soon, I hope. I just got hit with a ton of new training and it's taking up all my spare time.Sigh


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Marlene Kindred

Cute! Cute! Cute! Love Dollbaby's new dress and all of her seasonal decorations!

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Thanks karen,candy, jane, punk & marlene...for your kind comments...appreciated! I sometimes have to LOL when I am talking about Dollbaby...gee, 5 yrs ago I would have LOL if someone told me I'd be dressing & decorating for Holidays w/a doll my Mom gave me! ;-)

I thought this outfit was just darling for $5 at TS, embroidered monkeys, ruffles, a hat, long dress & ruffled panties, too! Yup, hope to see Teegan real soon & TJ too! Jeanne S.

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