Master Bathroom Layout

KevinJSJuly 6, 2013

Hello Everyone.

My wife and I have been trying to make the best use out of the space we have available to us (18.6 x 12) and are having a hard time deciding if this is the best layout. I would appreciate any suggestions!


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The water closet is really long, leaving a lot of extra space on the LC side. You could shorten it a foot or two and put the pocket door to retract into the wall between it and the vanity, but remember you couldn't hang anything on that wall by the vanity other than a towel bar or something that doesn't screw in too far that would restrict the pocket door. Then you could extend the linen closet wider, toward the toilet, making room for laundry bins or more storage, and possibly use a bifold door (or no doors, just shelves) to prevent the doors from hitting each other. You could also move the entry door closer to the linen closet with a bifold, or another pocket going into the wall same direction as the one I suggested you move from the WC, toward the vanity.

If you move the entry door just a tad, you could enlarge the shower (longer) and you could also steal another 6 to 8 inches toward the closet door and make it wider. You've got about 6 feet of open space between the shower and the vanity, that's a lot and the wider / deeper shower might be more useful than the open floor space.

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That closet is nothing more than an overblown reach-in closet, taking up valuable real estate with no gain except being able to say it's a walk-in. There is no more storage space in there than a reach-in would provide. Without knowing the room arrangement outside of the bathroom, it's hard to make recommendations. Assuming this would work, I would put a reach-in closet along the wall where the shower is and the end of the existing closet, opening into what I assume is the bedroom. You can make it really beautiful, looking like a piece of built-in furniture. I would move the entry door to the bathroom down closer to the linen closet, providing more length for the new closet. Then use the old closet space for a really nice, large shower. I personally don't like toilet rooms that don't have sinks, so since you have the room, I would put a sink in there. It becomes a powder room within the master bathroom.

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Thank you all for the responses. We did agree that the closet was getting to small with the previous layout so we came up with a new layout that leaves the closet to its original size. In this layout we sacrificed a dedicated linen closet and instead will place open shelves within the water closet and anything else will go into the attached closet. Any thoughts on this new layout would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

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Much better, especially on the closet space. But I'd go another step and swap the shower and WC placement. Make the WC 3' wide and 5' long, with the same angled door shown on the shower.

Then you've got room to make the shower sider (towards the door) and if 8' is too long for you, put a LC in between the WC and shower.

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Kevin, what software did you use to make those bathroom plans ? We're about to start out main floor bathroom renovation too, which will be tearing down to the studs, and rebuilding from scratch, with the tub, toilet and vanity being moved to different locations in the room.
I love your second plan.
Take care,

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What are you going to put on those open shelves near the toilet? Read the posts about how waste finds its way into the air....

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Raymonator: I used Chief Architect Premier X5 trial. I couldn't save the plans which was a downside but I could save the pictures with the print screen key.

nycbluedevil: I believe it will just be items like toilet paper and such, nothing too exciting.

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Raymonator: I used Chief Architect Premier X5 trial. I couldn't save the plans which was a downside but I could save the pictures with the print screen key.

nycbluedevil: I believe it will just be items like toilet paper and such, nothing too exciting.

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I think your new shower and toilet locations are in a great position, my only question is why you choose to create your large closet opening between the two sinks? I'm sure that's just personal preference, but with experience it seems one large connected sink, or separate sinks connected through the same vanity can be both easier to clean and saves a little bit of room. Moving the large closet opening to one side of the sink or the other wouldn't be sacrificing anything major so it seems your in good shape ether way. Overall, I do agree with whats been said and think your edited version is much better. I dropped a quick link below that talks a little about making the most of your space. Good luck with the renovation!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom Space Management

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18.6 x 12 is a nice bit of square footage, but a lot of it appears to be wasted. Your second plan is better, but your closet is still not as functional as it could be. I would steal another 6-12" from the bathroom (if window placement allows) to make the closet wider. I think 6.5' is the minimum width for a good walk-in closet, as it allows 2' for hanging space on each side with a 30" walkway in between (36" would be better). Then, I would move the closet door to the far right end (the door should swing to the right so it does not impede access to the clothes, unless you would also like to be able to access the closet directly from the bedroom w/o going through the bathroom, in which case a second door can be added in the bottom right corner of the closet w/o loss of closet storage space). By widening the closet and moving the door to the far right, you would have 12' of hanging space on the top wall of the closet, and 9' of hanging space on the bottom wall to the left of the door. I would put shelves and shoe racks on the left wall of the closet in the 30-36" of space available between the hanging clothes.

With the door to the closet moved to the far right, you have space for a vanity that is up to 9' long. If widening the closet creates crowding at the window, your vanity run could start with an 18-24" wide linen cabinet that is shallower than the vanity at the far left, then a 7-7.5' vanity, then the closet door.

I have thoughts on the shower and WC too, but will have to come back later.

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I would switch the shower and WC. For the WC, I would square off the angled corner and put the door across from the vanity. You really only need 36" of width for a WC, but the shower would be plenty long at 7'. Since you have extra width in the WC, I would put the center of the toilet about 20" in from one of the side walls, and put open shelves next to the toilet on the other side wall, to hold your extra TP & whatever else you want in there.

I would make the shower deeper than 39", somewhere between 42" and 4'. Since the WC wall will stick out at least 12" deeper into the room than the shower, you could have a shallow linen tower (open or closed) in the corner created by the shower and WC enclosures. The linen tower could face either the vanities or the door to the bedroom, depending on your final layout. I would leave the entry to the shower where you show the pocket door to the WC. If you put the shower head(s) at the left end of the shower, you may not need a shower door. If you want more light in the shower, part or all of the top side of the shower could be glass instead of wall.

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