who's job is this?

twilcoxJuly 30, 2014

I hired professional tile folks to come in and tile my shower (walls and shower floor). I hired a different company to fabricate and install the soapstone counter top over the vanity, and to cut the soapstone which would be the top of the bench seat built into my shower as well as the threshold step that leads into my walk in shower. The tile folks tiled all around those places, but left the openings for the soapstone. I think you can kind of see in my picture how the plastic waterproofing stuff is exposed where the seat is going to go. The tile people were long gone when the soapstone folks came. They installed the countertop, but said they don't put in the other two pieces. They said they don't carry the "mud" etc on their truck. They suggested that the tile people come back and do that. Does that sound right? Who normally does this?

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I just had my bathroom tiled. Since the soapstone triangle is serving as a tile (but has been cut/fabricated by your counter people), it would be incorporated into your shower with the rest of the tile by your tile people.

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So basically I just had these jobs done in the wrong order? Hopefully the tile people will come back and not charge me an arm and leg for the "afterwork".

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tarheel, I'm not a tilesetter or counter installer, just a homeowner who just went through a bathroom remodel last month with a lot of tilesetting. It strikes me that the triangle piece of soapstone is no different than one or more tiles cut to fit that space. It's functioning as a tile, right?

I probably wouldn't have thought this one through myself, so I'd be in the same boat as you. I guess ideally you'd have had the piece fabricated and delivered when they brought your counter. Then you'd say to the tilesetters, the black triangle (tile) goes on top of the seat.

If I'm wrong, someone else will say something. :)

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If your soapstone guys were good, there would be a drip slot cut in the overhang of that seat. The seat needs to pitch forward, the water will run down the seat, down the front edge and will try to return to go under the seat. If there is a drip slot cut, the water can't bridge and falls to the floor.

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My counter guy and tile guy all work as a team under the GC that I hired. We all had a meeting together to see how all the parts would fit and who would have to do what first. In my case, it all ends up back at the GC, who is responsible for making sure his subs complete their parts.

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trebruchet, since the seat hasn't been installed yet, can't I just take the piece back to the fabricator and have them cut the drip slot now before I install? Its not too late I assume.

chispa, herein lies the problem. Basically I am the GC since I have hired everyone individually to do my bath remodel. Clearly, I'm not an expert and have made some mistakes. I "thought" I had done a great job by getting reputable, experienced folks in their various fields to do their portion of the job. This has been a learning experience for me. I do feel confident in the work that has been done so far, but it hasn't gone as smoothly as I would have liked (or as fast). An experienced GC would have coordinated better than I have. I am learning a lot.

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Treb, do you have a picture of the drip slot? I am having trouble envisioning what this is and we will be putting a seat in our new shower shortly. I want to be sure things are done correctly.


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If your tile mechanic is decent and was paid well for his work, I would think he'd be happy to come back and set the seat and caulk it and adjust the slope. I would have. It's in his interest to make you happy. He might or might not charge a small "trip charge" for this. I wouldn't......

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