Indian Corn Wreath

jeannespinesNovember 18, 2010

I made an Indian Corn wreath today ... remember I got a steal on Indian Corn at a craft show a few wks ago ... 25 cts for 3 ears I bought enough for this wreath someone found on a blog & posted on GJunk wreath really did look beautiful like this:

Took me about 2-l/2 hrs. ...gave up on the straw wreath & used grapevine instead...HOT GLUED! HOT GLUED! HOT GLUED! working about 2 hrs. Took it out on the porch & hung it & the corn started falling off...back in the house... HOT GLUED! HOT GLUED! HOT GLUED! ... tried to hang it in a diff spot...too big (28" across)...more ears fell off! Ugh!

So, here is my Indian Corn for the now:

LOL! 30 ears of Indian Corn in my basket under Treadle Sewing machine! I'm laughing now...but wasn't this morning! Not meant to be, I guess...& DH suggested I try fishing line & tie them on...but I was done! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, your wreath is beautiful. What a shame it doessn't want to stick on! I think DH has a great idea using fish line to secure it. I have seen one with all the ears tipped in on a wreath as a centerpiece. I looked for it but can't find it.

Maybe you are trying to hard, remember your grass and twigs? Ended up beautiful after a rest. I know, easy for me to say after you worked your fingers to the bone on this. It looks good in your basket under your sewing machine tho.


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Lordie, we've all been there. Remember my experience with the spring cloche I was trying to duplicate? Some days it just doesn't pay to try and create your personal masterpiece.

Well, I must admit that I was laughing, only because I could see you in my mind's eye and I know you were getting more frantic as the day went on.

Makes you wonder if the original poster really gave you all the information needed to get the job done.

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Jeanne, what a shame--I love Indian corn and your wreath would have been so neat. My suggestion would be to try it again but cut out a cardboard or plywood wreath shape wide enough so there is more contact surface to glue the corn onto. You can do it--I know you can! Hugs, Luvs

P.S. Your birds and squirrels will thank you for it! LOL

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oh, wow, Jeanne it was GORGEOUS!!! I feel bad for you after all that work, but it does make me feel better to know that I'm not the only one who has those occasional failures (and wasted time).

Now I'll be trying to figure out how you can construct it. lol!

oh! This might work! Have your hubby make a wooden wreath base out of something like 1/2" plywood. Hammer nails through it from the back (to stick out the front) and then mount the corn by shoving the ears onto the nails tips. Know what I mean? Test it by hammering a nail or two through a small piece of scrap wood and see if you can attach an ear securely to it. :)

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LOL! You gals are the best!

OA...the image was removed when I looked at your "spring cloche" post...but PM said it was in the album...this must be the pic below:

It's adorable! But I could hear your scream!...may have echoed it myself today! Especially when I had to use those long "pincher" old people pick-up pick up 3 ears that dropped off behind the little corner dresser on the the lamp tipped & the cobwebs flew! And that was only my FIRST try at hanging it! I hung it 3 diff times! I swear it was more like "popcorn" than "Indian Corn!" LOL!

Thanks punk, luvs & party...I should have taken a pic of mine...but there was no way as corn kept falling off! Thanks for the suggestions...I think wire or fishing line AND glue is probably the answer. But great minds think alike luvs & party, cause DH made the same suggestions when he came in the house & saw my dilemma...cardboard and/or plywood and/or screws or nails.

Well, I'll see what happens in a day or two...almost was ready to "shell it all" & put the kernals in a apothecary! LOL! TFcommenting! Jeanne S.

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Oh my Jeanne! Reading your words had me laughing while at the same time commiserating with what you were going thru.
"Dumping" it in the basket is a great looks wonderful I think.
The wreath was unique and lovely, but working THAT hard to create one is a definite downer!
Fishing line probably gives duct tape a run for the money. LOL. Two things that are indespensible in my book!

I remember that post about OA and her apothecary jar. It had me in stitches. I'd be too frustrated to finish anything that fought me so hard. LOL.
Here's my favorite quote just for you....

"I'd take a tranquilizer if I could get my
teeth unclenched"


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Jeanne, I loved your wreath. I thought I would try something like that until I saw how it ended up. Did you scream? I would have. I'm afraid I would have thrown it in the trash or out in the field for the turkeys to eat!!!

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OMGoodnes what a terrible story. Even though the corn looks good in the basket, you must have been very disappointd. I can recall a few projects that I just dropped in the trash and DH couldn't believe it. Your brave to share your story with us. I don't imagine Martha S. shows anyone her boo-boos. Oh well it was certainly a good buy on the corn and it didn't go to waste.

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oh my - been there - done that - way too many times to admit lol You have a lot of pretty good advice here - I like the plywood base and nails the best. It will be heavier but will work the best I think. Just remember us crafters/decorators never give up - where there is a will there is a way and best of all the advice of this forum :) .....


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Oh My....
I can SO identify....
Bless your heart, it looks GREAT in the basket :^)
LOL at Karen's true!!
Hugs to you all,

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Grrrr! Must have been frustrating! I had Indian corn on a wreath and the birds pecked it bare! :) At least yours is safe!

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Oh Jeanne..sorry I'm late to respond...but I do feel the frustration you experienced. Sometimes the easiest crafts turn out to be just plain 'murder'! Sorry you had to go through all your corn...glad you were able to 'recycle' it for your basket!
Think of it this way, you would have put it together in two plus hrs - looking beautifully, and then the birds would have come along 'lickety split', and eaten it up right where you hung it!
That happened to me one year..
Oh did I really does look nice in your


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Thanks, gals...for sharing your "been there, done that" moments with me, too! (& I love that quote, PM...tranquilizer & clenched teeth!) LOL!

Decided it looks good right where's it's at & after Tksgvg, it will go out in pines greenery for the birds (& squirrels).

Ok, on to other projects! LOL! 'appreciate your feedbacks! Jeanne S.

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