Thirteen appliances in one high end kitchen

will2kzJuly 23, 2013

I am modifying my kitchen thread to highlight the appliances and posting it here after a suggestion by one of our members. This is an appliance heavy kitchen, and I owe much to you all in the appliance section for advice, ideas, and inspiration. I'd encourage you to look through my kitchen post which will be in a link below.
If you really want to see the entire catalog of nearly 300 pictures feel free to go to my site:
Kitchen Stadium

Thermador Freedom Fridge and Freezer (30") columns flanking hidden pantry.

Here is the wet bar. That's a Hoshizaki C-100BAE cubelet ice machine. Makes ice like that found at Sonic fast food drive in. Also Miele coffee system (craigslist splurge), Thermador dishwasher and wine tower.

Ovens (steam, speed, regular, all Miele). Ordered old handle for new primary oven to match craigslist steam and speed oven.

This took some imagination and careful measuring to fit as the drainboard to the right "shouldn't" technically fit above a dishwasher. Kohler Stages 45 sink, Asko Dishwasher (reused from old kitchen).

128,000 btu and 1200 cfm. Capital Culinarian rangetop and Ventahood.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW thread on Kitchen site

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That all looks great, but just wondering why you didn't go with a Miele Dishwasher.

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My guess is because you can find all the Miele appliances at a significant discount if you shop hard enough EXCEPT the dishwashers. Even two generation old floor model Miele dishwashers fetch a good price.

Absolutely fantastic kitchen.

And a Hoshizaki ice maker with Sonic type ice!!!

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Very cool. I have not seen that ice maker before. It's always great when a GWer shows us something new. Thanks for the pics.

How do you like the VAH so far? Lots of divergent views on it, I think mostly about the cleaning, not about the exhaust capability.

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I reused my Asko that I bought when we moved in. Chose it over Miele as I liked the rack configuration better, and felt, and still do, that they are nearly equivalent in performance and quality (not trying to start a war).
The bar dishwasher gets used maybe once a week. I got the Thermador only because I got a reseller that bundled it into the fridge towers and wine tower at a substantial discount. I agree its not of the same quality, but so far its perfect. Its as quiet as the Asko, and on the simple tasks of washing glasses, no problem. Its a glorified Bosch unit, and those aren't awful. What I really wanted was a panel ready unit as the wet bar would look awful if all those appliances would dominate the bar without panels.

I had the same VAH in my old kitchen (except 42, 900cfm). I don't mind the cleaning aspect, but then again I'm under no delusions about keeping it pristine. Between grilling and high heat stir fry it gets dirty fast, and keeping any hood clean would be futile. The VAH performance is amazing. I was able to vent it directly out with one 90 degree turn on 2 8 inch ducts. (you can see in pic) It is much quieter than I expected as my old unit was 900 cfm but had more turns in the ductwork. This is the 27 inch deep model, which matches the depth of the CC. I did not opt for a wider than cooktop version only because I prefer the matched look, wanted to maximize my cabinet space, and functionally, I cook the smoky stuff in the middle anyway.

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Impressive list of appliances, and I've been obsessed with your hidden pantry since I first saw you post about it.

Maybe it's my phone, but I can't get your kitchen stadium link to work. Also, try as I may I only count twelve appliances listed. :-) Did you perhaps forget to mention a microwave?

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Sorry, link fixed.
There is a cup warmer beneath the coffee maker. I count that as 13. Of course I'm not counting the two Insinkerator Evolutions or the Hot water dispenser. That would put us at 16.

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You didn't miss a thing, did you?!

Thanks for fixing the link - looking forward to browsing all your photos.

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That fridge/freezer/pantry set up looks like a DREAM!

I have a silly question. WHy do people put olive oil in the hottest part of the kitchen? I see yours sitting where the heat rises and will have massive temp flux. Oils are fragile....just curious as this is not the first time I have seen that.

Your kitchen looks amazing!

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This is not the olive oil I make salads with. The short answer is its too tall to fit where I used to keep it, and I'm just going to use it up with cooking before finding a better solution. I put vegetable oil in the squeeze bottle for wok and griddle purposes. Water in the other helps clean griddle when hot.
Short answer, you're right, olive oil, especially for eating, does not belong there.
Missing things is not in my nature..... ;)

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Did you count what looks like the small beverage fridge in the wet bar area?

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will2kz, I noticed something that may cause you problems down the line and could possibly ruin your wine and void the wine cooler warranty.

I see your custom door panel goes all the way down to the floor. This will block the air flow required for the compressor & condenser compartment causing over heating of the machinery which will lead to failure.
It's one thing for your wine cooler to fail but ruining the wine is unthinkable.
I couldn't tell from the photos of the 2 refrigerators if those door panels go all the way to the floor but if they do they will need to be fixed also.
The install manual requires at least a 4 inch space between the floor and the bottom edge of the door panel. (this will match your toe lick on your cabinets.

You have a beautiful kitchen.
Sorry for the bad news but I would hate to see you have a product failure because of an airflow issue..

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Awesome! Must be fun playing with all those cool "toys!" :)

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