My L'il Pumpkin

christmascandyNovember 15, 2011

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of DGD at Halloween. She was just over 2 mon. old and the pose is due to the fact that when my DD was pregnant with Dylan's older brother, the theme of the baby shower was "A cute little pumpkin is on the way."

I used my daughter's childhood cabbage patch doll, dressed the doll in blue and cut a funkin just like this pose and used it as a centerpiece for the shower. After Cody was born, that Halloween, DD dressed him like the shower doll, cut a real pumpkin and replicated the shower centerpiece, so she thought she should do the same for Dylan.

DD grew this pumpkin and the baby grew so much, she was almost too big for the pumpkin!!

Couldn't resist showing off to all my dear friends here, LOL



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Priceless! Might not be a pumpkin pie, but she sure is a "sweetie Pie" love that pose janet

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Ohhh, so SWEET! A real life Baby Doll!!!! She is just the cutest lil' pumpkin ever! TFS, candy!
Jeanne S.

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Candy, this picture of Dylan is great! She is adorable in her lil' Halloween outfit sitting in the pumpkin with a pacifier.

Bet it was a hit at the Baby shower. The pictures of the kids sitting in a pumpkin will always bring back memories of their Nana. As Janet said, Priceless.


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Candy, you're not suppose to 'resist' sharing things like this! Cuteness overload. Tho I think a video of Mom getting her IN the pumpkin would have been pretty cute too!

What a precious memory this captured. Love it.
hugs, Karen

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Absolutely adorable! Echoing "Priceless"!!

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Dylan, PRECIOUS!! [and patient] The picture is adorable.
Great idea.

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Adorable shot! I can't believe how big she is already...and what a good sport!
This pic will be a treasure to look back at one day.
I always wanted to take fun shots of my Gkids when they were little - never took the time ...and of course now that their older, am so sorry.
So glad for you that YOU DID IT!


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To adorable for words!!

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Thanks everybody!
You were all so encouraging after she was born, and being the proud Grandma that I am, I just had to show how much she has grown.
She is starting to coo and has been smiling for a couple of weeks now. Sooo fun, I'm loving every second!!


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So cute! She is growing quickly!

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