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emjay74July 3, 2012

Hi all- would appreciate your opinions!

We are a family of 6.

I have already decided on the Advantium speed oven- and can't wait. I have teens who are constantly making nuggets, pizza, and reheating all that bad food. But am also looking forward to cooking things quickly myself with our very busy lifestyle. So this is a must for us.

I now have to choose between a 36" convection range, or a 36 in gas cooktop and 1-30" wall oven. The Advantium would be my second oven. I am nervous about this being my microwave and second oven and being my second oven instead of two 30" wall ovens. But I'm feeling confident we will use the microwave much less once we have the speed oven. I'm going to keep my current microwave in the basement just in case. Which seems crazy, yet maybe necessary on rare occasions. Sometimes on busy weeknights, with my husband often working late, we eat dinner in 3 shifts- sounds crazy, I know, but it reality for us right now- younger kids eat early then have stuff going on, high schoolers have practice, activities after school, and eat later and hubby sometimes comes home even later. So I could see one of my teens wanting to make popcorn or something when I'm using the Advantium to make hubby a fresh baked potato.

My concerns are-

-have a bad back and knees- sciatica, etc...nearing 50...still working out, and feeling good, but I currently have a double oven range, and getting heavy things (the turkey, roasts in a cast iron pan) out of the bottom, larger back does bother me the next few days. With a single oven range, I don't think the oven would be as low as the current GE range I have with the larger oven on bottom and a smaller oven on top. And the oven would be much larger for cooking for a large crowd. Which, with our busy lifestyle, if we have a large crowd, I'm grilling, using the crockpot too, or getting it catered. (I think I just answered my question-but I'm going to still post this, just in case)

- love the idea of a wall oven for the height, and my back. But worried about the space with a 30 in convection and a large family, although it's what I have now! So why am I second guessing it? I think because I'm starting from scratch? I have cooked a big Thanksgiving dinner with current 30 in range and extra smaller oven,and all was fine. I think with the Advantium it will be even better.

-Already framed are two windows going alongside the stove or cooktop. I do like the look of a cooktop and cabinets below with the windows rather than a range. But an island is in front of the range, and I would be fine with that also.

Yes, I could do the cooktop, the Advantium and two 30" wall ovens-but just don't want to take up that much space. And honestly, really don't need two 30" ovens most of the time. We are on the fly cooking at this point, I mostly use the cooktop, and like using the grill and crock pot too, and probably life will be this way for next 5-8 years and then will be empty nesters (hopefully!)

-someone on here mentioned getting a Nesco roaster for the times when I need a little more oven space. I'm fine with that, but my husband gave me a look-you know- the "I'm providing you with this great kitchen and you're going to need a extra plug in roaster from Walmart?!" haha..I get that too, but would be fine with it, and so would he.

This is a large addition,(to me-maybe not to everyone) and my kitchen is about 19x12 and open to a family room, with a peninsula on one end-long story, but that's where the lower, ceiling is holding up the second floor-so that's the transition space to dining room- the odd space we're calling it. So not tons of wall space. If I could figure out how to post my plans, I will try to do that (but have to make this decision by Monday and going out of town this weekend-yikes!)

Which is why I'm on here asking for any opinions...won't be my last time probably :)

Thank you again-you guys are all great.

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I would think about putting plugmold under your cabinets.

If you can do it, I would rather have the oven you use the most waist high so when you are taking hot dishes out, it is easier on your back and safer.

If you have separate oven and cooktop and one goes out, you only have to replace that part. You can also pick the best of each component.
We have a microwave(GE spacemaker) on a shelf by the frig away from the cook's area for "reheaters".

Also consider the body mechanics of your sink. Bring it forward (like an apron sink) and not too deep or you will stress your back. I would give anything to have my grandmother's sink. It was an huge,old farmhouse sink with a drainboard and very shallow- and very easy on your back. She kept a dishpan under it to do dishes.

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Thank you for answering wekick. I agree, I decided to go with the wall oven. And thanks so much for the sink advice- very valuable.

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Emjay, it seems to me the built-in 30 inch oven would definitely be best for your back. The other consideration you really haven't mentioned is that a 36 inch oven is going to take longer to heat (and consume more energy) as well as be harder on your back. If you don't need the larger oven, then the built-in is definitely your best bet. Also, I've used a roaster for the turkey, and although it was a nice, juicy bird when finished, the skin didn't crisp nearly as well as it does in the oven. I wouldn't do it again unless I absolutely had to just because it wasn't as "pretty" on the platter.

I'm in my mid-50s and if you already have back issues, believe me they don't get any better. Definitely give that serious emphasis in your decision-making. Good luck and I look forward to hearing how your reno progresses!

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