Kraus faucet owners please post pics

mic111July 16, 2012

Were redoing our master bath and in my search for unique faucets I found the Kraus brand. I loved several of their models but thought the Millennium would go best in our master bath. Ours hasn't arrived yet. In addition we've got several weeks before the granite is installed. In the mean time I would love to see some real world installations of these unique faucets. I was kind of thinking of the Fantasia for our guest bath and Unicus for our upstairs. But who knows, depending on how the Millennium looks in our space and with the other elements I may have to try one of them for the master.

I'll add my pictures to this thread once I get everything. In the mean time does anyone have a Kraus faucet (any model) installed that they would be willing to share pictures of?

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I chose the same faucet, I really like it but it is not set for install until next week - assuming the cabinet maker sticks to his delivery date an the granite fabricator does the same. The one mistake I made with this faucet was that I originally did not leave enough clearance between the counter top and the medicine cabinet door - OOPS!!

AS soon as they are installed I will post a pic!

Good Luck


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This is Kraus Apollo in my master bath. I am very pleased with the looks and quality.

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Can't wait to see it. What granite are you going with? I picked a low movement one that looks like sand called Carioca Gold. I'm getting the chiseled edge as I have sort of an organic theme going in my bathroom. I'm sort of hoping the faucets look like a stylized tree. But I'm not very good at the designer thing so often have to see something in place to decide if it works or I like it.

Wow! I hadn't seen those since I was concentrating on the single hole faucets. Those are stunning!

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