Thanksgiving Table ...Buffet Style (pic heavy)

jeannespinesNovember 24, 2010

Yucky cold, rainy, icy weather here today...a good day to be indoors preparing for Tksgvg. Everyone should make it home tomorrow except one we are very blessed to get tog. Since our 14 cannot dine at one table, we overflow onto the, our family dinners are always "buffet style."

Here's some pics of the buffet set-up:

Countertop napkin basket with cloth & brown paper ... a bit of candlelight & turkey S&P shakers:

Not only moved the S&P shakers from table ... but also the sugar mold it is with glass acorn:

And the newest turkey acquisition I've already shared with you, Enablers R Us!

Basket for rolls with a pretty dishtowel that I use for a liner:

At the other end, my Autumn Leaf Jewel Tea glasses on a round braided placemat...bought these placemats at 50% Kohls recently ...thought they would be a good accent to my Hall China.

Here's the full counter view:

Here's Jewel Tea china (some of it from my MIL estate sale) & silverware in the basket (my Mom's)...on the corner counter where the line begins:

and more...some serving pcs:

And, here's my table...I ironed one of my pride & joy finds, the Autumn Leaf muslin t'cloth ... we use it for's beautiful & the colors are more muted than the dinnerware. The muslin t'cloth (& napkins...I only have 1) were introduced as a set in 1937 (before I was born!) & discont. in 1942 (also before I was born!) LOL! It was valued at $150 - $175 in my 1992 Hall China I don't know it's value now ...but I found it at a TS for $4.50 back in 1997 (yup! Four $$ & 50 cts!)...I just looked that up ...I think it's kind of fun to share the history of something you love!

And I brought my DH's pheasants up from the mantle downstairs...I made these in ceramics for him for Christmas back in 1974 or so...kept the praying hands box on other a reminder of our "blessings!"

This has been so much fun seeing & sharing on this Holiday forum...enjoyed doing the decor today inspired by so many of you. So, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you & yours. Jeanne S.

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Ok, Jeanne, where is it you live exactly? I'm just sayin'.... if that beautiful turkey comes up missing.....

Don't you wish that tablecloth could talk? It goes well with your dishes.

Very nice pics. I need to talk to you all about cameras when there's time. I NEED (?) a new one, mine just doesn't take good close ups. You do great pics, Jeanne, and you know how to arrange all your pretty things for the best pics.

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Jeanne, it all looks lovely. So happy you will have alot to share this beautiful setting with. You have inspired me to set plates and silverware out on the end of the bar on placemats.

I'm busy making broccoli and pretzel salad and stuffing at the moment. Needed a break so jumped on here. So glad I did so I could see what an organized persons place looks like. It's just beautiful with all your dishes and decorations.


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Jeanne...I love how you set up your buffet table... if
ladypat doesn't get there before me...I might snatch that turkey up myself! He's beautiful and I love his colors, which are so different from what we see in TG turkeys.
Your china is just perfect for this day and that table cloth is a lovely addition (a piece of history) lol
I laughed over your pheasants from ceramics (which are done beautifully)..that's the same time I was doing ceramics, making things to fill my home w/o breaking the budget.

Enjoy the day with your family. I'm glad most all can make it...that's what Holidays are all about.


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I used to do ceramics too! Many many moons ago. The base where we were stationed in Wichita, Ks. had a ceramic studio and I learned to pour "slip", clean up the seams, and then paint or glaze the ceramic piece. It was a good way to pass the time while DH was in Thailand. Your painting on those two is excellent, I love the colors on both. ;o)

Your dishes are just the perfect colors for Thanksgiving. Does it make you nervous to use them? You sure have a nice collection of them. And how fun to hear about that tablecloth! What a perfect find for you.

Jeanne, you are such a wonderful part of this forum. I know I always look forward to your comments and posts. Have a truly blessed Thanksgiving.


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Oh man, looks like I'm going to have to fight a couple of the gang for that turkey. LOL. And probably Luvs for the glass acorn. Then there's those pheasants...
Guess its a good thing none of us live close to you!

As always, your decorating is just lovely. (and your fantastic photo skills make me green with envy.)

hugs and have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

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I love your Jewel dishes. I have the teapot and two large mixing bowls. I don't think I've ever seen their dishes until now. Great job!

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The tablecloth - it's so cool! Doesn't your heart just skip a beat every time you get it out? I should think you wouldn't allow any red wine within 10 feet of it.

I'm crazy about the green turkey. He's a beauty.
Happy Thanks.

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Thank you, holiday-ers!

ladypat...yes, I wish that t'cloth could talk! Can you imagine? (on someone's table 70 or 75 yrs ago!)

phonegirl...working're up & fixin' ...this is the first time I've used placemats on counter...we're all just a bunch of Enablers R Us! (mmmm, pretzel & broccoli salad sounds good!)

jane & luvs...too funny about our ceramics! I loved it! & it was an evening with "adults" ...good memories, too. Thanks for the compliments...while the greenware was wet, my teacher taught how to "lift up" those feathers with a tool & then it was fired or whatever before painting.

PM...that turkey was the TJMaxx 50% off $6.50 that I got just recently...remember, I think it was YOUR doings that brought it to my home! LOL! Thanks!

oak...I started collecting Jewel Tea in mid 90's ... because I got a few pcs at MIL's estate sale...the hunt has been fun & my china closet is full...altho there's lots more out there!

OA...cringe! Red wine! LOL! Everytime I put it on the table I kind of "blank" it out of my kids don't know the value...but the value is just "using" it! My DS broke a glass a couple yrs ago & now he won't drink out of Jewel Tea glasses! LOL! They make fun of my dish addict syndrome, I think! Jeanne S.
ok, I must get off here & peel potatoes! :-)

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Very nice and I love the pheasants! You painted them too?

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Jeanne, it looks just lovely! I love the history of your things too!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday. We were guests, so I didn't set the table. Just cooked a lot to bring!

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Marlene Kindred

Your table and buffet setup is beautiful Jeanne! Love all of your turkeys...they're just fabulous!

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What a beautiful buffet you set; I only wish I had the talent to put together something like that! You inspire me.

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What a beautiful Thanksgiving meal you must have had, Jeanne! Your china is perfect for a Thanksgiving feast, as is your beautiful tablecloth. LOVE all your lovely turkey pieces and am lusting after your gorgeous pheasants. Wow!!!

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