Stained glass window

czizkaJune 27, 2013

We are building a new home and would like to put stained glass window over the front door. It would need to be fairly large - approximately 5 ft wide by 3 ft tall - and I'm looking for a half moon shape. Shopping on line for "stained glass windows" I see lots of items that are for hanging on a wall (wall art). I want a real window. Does anyone know where these are purchased? What information do I need from my builder to know if what I find will work?

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They are purchased from a specialty shop that makes stained glass. You would by the frame open from the window manufacturer and then have the stained glass shop install after the fact.

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You need to consider energy efficiency. Most stained glass windows won't pass current energy efficiency codes in place without being taking a custom stained glass window to a manufacturer and then having them construct a double paned window from it.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would be concerned about a single pane of glass for a stained glass window...I'd want at least a solid pane on the outside and then have the stained glass mounted separately on the inside, with some air space around as to prevent excess heat or moisture from building up in between.

I believe that if you have a custom size for a specific location, you will have to go to a stained glass artist to get it made.

We have an antique stained glass door that we took to an artist to get it tightened and repaired and then installed in a new door. I specifically chose a door that is seldom if ever closed and is an interior door.

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I am currently making stained glass windows for several areas in my home. None that large though. You should find a stained glass artist to do this for you, and I would venture that it won't be cheap. Stained glass that big is also very heavy.

As for energy efficiency, the stained glass panels I'm making will sit just inside the regular window with narrow 1/4 round tacked to hold it in place. The stained glass will NOT be the primary glass. It will be in addition to the regular glass in the window. I hope that makes sense.

When we built our house, I had the window over our tub sized so that an antique stained glass panel from our old house will fit right inside the window frame. So the old window will slide right in, and held in place wit 1/4 round, or smaller strips of wood stained to match the woodwork.

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We used to have a stained glass semi-circle over our front door that was made by an artist. It was mounted inside the house against the clear double pane window. We used some tiny clear brackets spaced ever foot or so along the perimeter of the window to mount the stained glass panel. When we built the addition, our front door and transom above changed. Therefore, we removed the stain glass and have it now in storage. Hopefully we will find a way to mount it for wall art.

Good luck with your project.


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I have a rainwater collection tank 22'x7'h right outside my kitchen window. I purchased an antique stained glass window from some folks in San Antonio called Old is Better than New; they do shipping, I believe. My DH worked with the existing frame of the stained glass window so that it fits inside our double-paned kitchen window, although it does not cover the window completely as OntarioMom suggests. Everyone who has seen it loves it, and I love that it blocks the view of the tank while providing a touch of class to the kitchen. Perhaps you can come up with something that either completely fits over an existing energy saving window, or something that almost does like mine.

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