Concrete or clay tile roof?

BAVEJune 17, 2012

We're in the early phase of our build (mediterranean style home) and have to decide on sticking to a concrete tile (simulation spanish tile) or opting for a clay tile. We have the upgrade option for less than $10,000 for approx 65 squares of roof.

I'm confused about the color fasteness of concrete tile. Contractors, etc say that it retains its color like clay but I'm reading about fading issues when I research. Anyone have suggestions or thoughts on the choice?

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beachlily z9a

We have a terracotta cement tile roof and the tiles are the same color, though and through. It's 13 years old and looks brand new. Here in FL, we have it cleaned each year because of algae growth from all the rain.

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Good to know! We are able to go with Mextile cement at no cost or upgrade to clay. The colors we like look very similar to clay but we were concerned that the deep south sun will fade them and cause us to regret not upgrading.

Attached is a photo of the roof we're considering instead of clay

Here is a link that might be useful:

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i went with clay tiles mainly because most of the houses in my neighborhood are clay tile. the concrete does look a little different-- mainly the texture is not as smooth. color-wise, the roofing salesmen told us that the concrete tiles of today are much better than before so the fading is not as bad. but i have heard that if you have a roof repair further down the line, it is easier to match new clay tiles to the old tiles than new concrete tiles. HTH!

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