Frig/Freezer Columns vs. Subzero side by side?

KitchenConfusedJuly 14, 2012

I have just discovered this website and perused back through May of this year and have learned a lot. We are doing a complete remodel of our kitchen. We cook and bake A LOT.

Freshness of local produce is important to us as is the appeal of not having smelly ice. So hence we were enamored by subzero and the decision (we thought) was easy because it's the only fridge with dual compressors. Then we realized we could just get separate columns and it achieves the same effect so we are not "stuck" with Subzero (no problem with it, just want to keep options open and get the most spacious, best storage/features option).

Anyone recommend Subzero 48 inch side by side vs. 2 Thermador columns vs. 2 Miele columns? We haven't priced these out but so far see them to be somewhat comparable. The columns would be 30 inch fridge and 18 inch freezer. Thanks so much.

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I have the 30" Therm columns. They are great! They run virtually silent, keep the food fresh and are very well laid out. All in all I couldn't be happier. I had a subzero in my last house and it also was flawless but for the price difference I would not hesitant to go for the columns.

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Thank you Emilner for your feedback. For some reason the bids i'm getting price the Thermador columns similar to the Subzero. I'm not saving much money. If price was no matter, would you choose one over the other? Seems that subzero is the only one with that air filter (for ethylene gas from produce). Does not having that filter in Thermador make a huge difference?


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We have 30''/18'' Therm columns. For us, the SZ vs Therm decision was driven by appearance--we wanted totally integrated units that would disappear between our wall cabinets. The large overhead grill in the SZ made them unworkable. You look at a "fully integrated" SZ, see the grill, and say "oh there's a SubZero." You look at our cabinets and unless you know where, you can't find the Therms. It's an affectation, but one what works well with our moderately contemporary kitchen.

Otherwise, they perform well, albeit with some minor concerns to date about reliability, see my other posts on that topic.

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