anyone has Clarvista glass shower door?

ikea_gwJuly 19, 2013

The shower door company is recommending this for us. Anyone heard of it or has their glass door? Thanks.

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Very similar to Showerguard by Guardian except Claravista is made by PPG.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I used a product called Clean Shower and I don't squeegee, and I clean my shower maybe once a year. No mold, no mildew, no hard water deposits. It works for me. Spray and don't rinse. If you'd like you can Google it and read about how it works, and how the guy invented it. I've used it for about 10 years, with no hard water marks on my glass or ceramic tiles. Not for use on natural stone, but I can attest that it works for ceramic or porcelain). I realize that I sound like a commercial but I've been here on GW for a long time, and that is not my intent. This stuff works. There will be a film it leaves on the glass so it will not be crystal clear, but the water sheets off, and the shower dries quickly. Perhaps someone will give me a reason NOT to like it. It prevents the hard water from leaving deposits, and we have hard water.
It is safe to use on treated surfaces. I made sure of that before our new shower was installed with Cardinal glass. It has Cardinal 10 protectant, (because that is what the designer spec'd) but it worked very well on our old 15 yr old un-protected framed glass. It also kept mildew from forming on the unsealed grout.

I am married to a Marine (grunt) who doesn't squeegee or wipe after using the shower. This works for me.


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I've been using windex and paper towels to clean my clarvista glass and now i am seeing/feeling what is probably lint from the paper towel. I recently read the instructions and while they say to use a microfiber pad or damp cloth, they don't expressedly prohibit paper towels. Also, when the installer had to return because couldn't remove a smear (he says the smear is common until the film settles on the glass), he used a paper towel and windex to clean the glass! I am sick over this b/c I don't think my installer will replace this glass and it was expensive! Any body have experience using paper towels with this product?

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