What are the important factors in choosing a refrigerator?

DonchikJuly 28, 2013

We are a family of two adult, one baby (for now) and a bulldog. We are building a new house and I am trying to zoom in on appliances for the kitchen. How can I figure out what size refrigerator do I need? I shop every week and my freezer is usually half empty.

Also, what are the latest innovations in the world of refrigerators? (Something that has made your life easier).

And another question: is it possible to make freestanding fridge to look like built-in (custom cabinets)?

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FD - proportionately more fridge space than freezer space when compared to a SxS. It's best to have a landing space behind you rather than to the right or left. Can work with a landing space to both right and left, but to the back is best.

SxS - proportionately more freezer space than a FD would. Landing space to back or left is best for fridge items. Landing space to back or right is good for freezer items.

Single door - most flexible because landing space to back, right or left is great as most single doors have a reversible swing option. Requires more clearance to the back because the door is wider than FD or SxS.

Flush mounting can be achieved with a stand alone, but the door itself must extend beyond the counter top so that doors can open fully. Some refrigerators have thick doors so these would project farther from the cabinetry than others. Counter-depth refrigerators cost more and sacrifice interior space, so if you can recess your fridge in the construction phase, you'll have the best of both worlds. Every fridge has clearance requirements to the top, sides and back, which are required for proper opening of the doors and for ventilation.

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If I were building a house, the #1 thing I'd do for fridge space (if I planned on being in the home for decades) is NOT to confine the space too much for the fridge. Confining the space limits the options when you have to buy your next fridge. If you have a height or depth or too small a width restriction, it makes it very difficult to find a replacement that fits your needs and that you like and fits your budget. I dream of having a kitchen one day that has a space for the fridge that is simply an area against a wall, with no cabinet above (or just a tiny one), no walls or cabinets on the sides, and no doorway nearby so that depth is an issue. My sister has had 2 houses like that. When she replaces a fridge, she merely finds one that fits her needs and budget....no issues with space restrictions at all.

Example: Mine is in a built-in area, sort of. It seemed plenty tall and wide, tho a bit shallow, for the 25 cf side by side I have. Now that I have to replace it, I can no longer get a 25 cf side by side with those dimensions. Fridges have gotten TALLER over the years and a tad narrower. Maybe because of the new compressors. Not a lot taller. Just a smidgeon. But too tall is too tall. I am going to have to buy a different style, in a narrower width, in order for the height to fit. Grrrrrr.

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Here are some of the common refrigerator styles and the advantages of each.
1. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
Choose this if: You need the food and beverages you use most often within easy reach as well as if you need to store larger items such as pizza boxes or party trays.
2. Top-Freezer Refrigerators
Choose this if: You are an energy or cost conscious buyer.
3. Counter-depth Refrigerators
Choose this if: You are looking to save space as well as increase your kitchenâÂÂs style and aesthetic value.
4. French Door Refrigerators
Choose this if: You tend to use your refrigerator more than your freezer.
5. Side-by-side Refrigerators
Choose this if: You need easy access to both the freezer and refrigerator sections and if you use both the refrigerator and freezer equally.
6. Drawer Refrigerators
Choose this if: You have limited space in your kitchen or you donâÂÂt want the refrigerator to be the focal point of the kitchen
7. Compact Refrigerators
Choose this if: If you have limited space such as you live in a small apartment or a dorm.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fridge options

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> Also, what are the latest innovations in the world of refrigerators?

Lower energy use. Especially those with Energy Star ratings that exceed current standards by 10% or 20%, which qualify for utility company rebates in some areas.

Icemakers that don't steal as much space in the freezer. Some are completely built into the door, including the ice storage, leaving the main shelves wide open and available.

LED interior lighting - takes up less room than the 7 or so incandescent light bulbs and their protective covers previously needed to light up both compartments of a larger fridge/freezer, the lights should last the life of the appliance, and they can be widely dispersed so every shelf is well lit from several angles.

Separate compressors for fridge and freezer sections. This supposedly helps keep odors from transferring and keeps humidity and temperature separate without adjustments to one affecting the other.

Easier to adjust shelves, some can be adjusted without removing food. Various electronic convenience features.

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tell you one thing NOT to do !! Don't buy one larger than your entrance doors lol Made that mistake and had to send it back or redesign the doors lol Never even crossed my mind when shopping lol They even offered to redo the front door lol but didn't want to remodel the house gary

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