Tiling front of bathtub?

bathnoviceJuly 22, 2014

I love the look of a bathtub with tile on the front, but I don't understand the basics well enough to know if this is practical for us.

Our bathtub is between a wall on the drain end and a knee wall and then a glass framed corner shower on the other end. We are replacing everything but keeping the same layout.

Is the only way to tile the front of a bathtub to buy a drop-in tub and build a deck for it to sit in? Do I understand correctly that there is no tub with an apron that would be appropriate to tile directly? Are there any guides online explaining how to do this? Any special concerns with the corner shower and its glass frame being on one side of the tub? Do we need to worry about having access to the plumbing, or is that only a concern with jetted tubs?

The tub wil be used daily by small children. If a deck is needed, I would like it to be as narrow as possible so that I can reach the children easily while bathing them and so that it doesn't take away space from the corner shower. Budget is also a concern, so if we need a special tub that would cost a lot more than a boring tub with an apron, we should probably forget the tile front and just go the boring route.

Thank you.

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Sophie Wheeler

Keep your apron tub if you are on a budget. Not only would you have to buy a different tub and create a deck to drop it into or buy a stone slab to undermount it to, you would have to buy and set the tile for the deck and apron and walls.

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Thank you. We plan to tile the wall and buy a new tub either way. Family will do the work, so materials are the main cost.

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Look at the Kohler Highbridge tub. I believe there is an alcove (flanged) version--no deck needed that can be tiled on the front. They have a recessed apron or no apron.

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