Wall Mount Faucets?

pbx2_gwJuly 5, 2012

Preliminarily looking into pricing for bathroom wall mounted faucets for our new build.

Everything looks north of $200 or very non-Home Depot & Lowe-ish.

Trying not to blow our fixture allowance on bathroom wall mounted faucets.

Any great ideas or options the community can point me towards?

Really want wall mounts.

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"Really want wall mounts."

Have you ever had a faucet leak under your sink?
And have you considered how that would work if your faucet were wall-mounted?

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I've never had a faucet leak under the bathroom sink in my 40+ years of life.

I don't know why I would think @ this time, I would be so 'lucky' as to win that 'lotto'?

I'm thinking the 10.8K pictures in the link below suggest those owners of wall mounted faucets don't think they will 'win the lotto' either.

Here is a link that might be useful: All the wall-mount-faucet you can eat!

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i have found there is too much inertia against wall mount faucets. And fear. Years ago there was no fear. But those faucets look 1920's vintage now.

There is not enough demand. And, the manufacturers probably hate the idea of a wall mount because it removes the "body" of the faucet and makes them into providers of spare parts like valves and spouts. They don't want to be in that situation. They want to sell you a product with a fancy name and a fancy shape.
... besides, then they would go bankrupt handling all the incoming phone calls from people who want "support" when it's ultimately the end-user's problem to work out what they will do to attach the valves and handles to their wall studs and blocking.
... ... furthermore, if the manufacturers allow you to get your hands on valves that can be connected using flex tubing, they are complicit in doing something a little bit illegal or dangerous, because flex tubes behind a wall are a no-no. So, to avoid liability concerns, they hard-plumb with copper all the wall-mount stuff and call it "a rough" and sell it for several hundred bucks. Add chromed handles and spouts and you have another few hundred bucks to spend. This is how someone's baby gets new shoes. You spend, they gain.

Of course, on another continent the ambient psychology is different, and the legal setup is different too. This is where you will see a greater variety of wall mounted plumbing options, at a lower price. Maybe one of those companies will be able to sell here too. A Swiss or German or Italian company.

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I own a Sublime wall-mounted faucet by Fluid. It hasn't been a problem with maintenance and I actually installed it. It was reasonably priced ($250 or so) and it's WaterSense certified as a water-conserving fixture so it probably knocks a few bucks off the water bill.

I've been quite happy with fluid, they make a few wall mounted faucets. This is a pic of the kind I have:

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I don't know what kind of style you're looking for, but we found some very nice looking ones on overstock.com for $89 each. They had very good reviews and they look/ feel like good quality. However, we're going to have to craigslist them, because we discovered that in order to install them with our vessel sinks, either the countertop that the vessel sits on would have to be too low to be comfortable, or else the faucets would have to be mounted so high on the wall that all we'd see in our mirrors over the sinks would be our heads. (We are short - I'm 5'-0" and my husband is 5'-4") I'm more attached to the vessel look than to the wall mtd. faucet, so the faucets are going :-( I would suggest taking a careful look at how the wall mounted faucets would work dimensionally before you decide to go that route.

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