Bathroom wall color to make shower look more white?

kgnicklJuly 15, 2012

So I purchased a cultured marble shower base and walls that are white on white. The sample looked looked pretty white when I held it in the bathroom but when the entire thing was done and installed it doesn't look as white as I hoped. I compared the sample to the completed shower and its about a 95% match (slight batch by batch variance, but you can tell its the same mix/color). I think it was just the small sample compared to an entire shower playing tricks on my eyes as well as the white primer on the wall right now.

So my question is what colors will make the cultured marble look more white? Which will make it look less white? Etc.... I was thinking of going with a smokey blue/gray color or a smokey purple/gray color? But want to make sure I pick a color that will make the shower look more white once painted vs. more creme. Hoping someone who knows about colors can help me out and let me know what they think? What are my best colors? What colors should I avoid? Also, it needs to be a color that will work w/ brown vanity w/ a blue perl top and white sink basin.

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To make something that has yellowish undertones look white, you want something with no blue in it. Blues or grays will make it look much more yellow. You want something pretty dark first of all, and with a lot of yellow in it. A dark gold, a or terra cotta, or a green with a lot of yellow in it will fool the eye into seeing the surround as WHITE instead of yellow-offwhite.

Look at this Benjamin Moore color, Barely Yellow.

See how Blue Porcelain makes it look even yellower?

But Benjamin Moore Baby Fern or Rich Chestnut makes it look almost white.

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I agree, need a warmer color. You could consider finding a color card that works and using a darker shade in the shower and the two short walls where the samples are now, and one of the lighter shades on the rest of the walls.

Can you tape up another batch of samples? Based on the picture, I would guess you're like me and either have a ton more cards or will feel the need to obtain a ton more cards, but I may be wrong.

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