a few goodies I got yesterday

PurplemoonNovember 15, 2010

Here's my Walmart goodies I got yesterday. The big serving tray matches those chargers some of you got. I did get a couple of the chargers too.

The two long sides of the tray have the same trim done on the chargers. Its a heavy tray! I love that huge leaf dish! But now have to wait till next season to display it. Darn! The little sandwich plate is actually rust colored, on my monitor color looks off tho. It has berries, leaves, and ACORNS. I just bought one, to display. (tho since I occasionally set a "table for one", LOL, that would work too. I sure wish I'd gone to Walmart sooner, looks like they had a lot of neat stuff.

I dropped some things off at the Humane Society Thrift Shop, and of course just had to go in. I picked up three Christmas items. Who could resist these faces! The little bunny in the stocking was 25 cents, and the bear was a dollar. Both still had 'new' tags on them!

This Christmas Countdown wall hanging was also one dollar! Someone put a LOT of work into making this too. The figures are stuffed (?) where they are raised up. Not sure what you call that kind of sewing. But so much detail on this its unbelievable! How sad it wasn't passed on to a family member of whoever made it.

hugs, Karen

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Great finds! I especially like the countdown calendar.

How is your Dad doing? I assume he's well since you had time to go shopping, LOL. You must also be feeling better, especially after some retail therapy!! You still have time for your fall displays, go ahead and put your new items out!!
Only you would find a Santa with a PURPLE bag!!

I went to GoodWill on Sat. and the whole store was 50% off!!
I found 5 Spode glass goblets for .50c each, a pair of black Saks Fifth Avenue low heel pumps for $2.49, a fall bear figurine $1.99 that matches one I had bought last winter at Sal. Army, a large gold apothecary jar for $3.49, a pewter Christmas Plate for $1.49, a large bowl that matches my Radko Christmas plates $1, and a sugar and creamer $1 ea that match some snowman items I already have, and a couple of cute bowls that look like watermelons, also $1 ea. Will have to post pictures later.


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Karen, what fun things you found. Love that lg acorn platter that matches so many of our chargers. It will look great in one of your displays. How big is that leaf plate? Very pretty and so is your small plate. I seen those pretty plates and was hoping to find some at great prices if they still have any left soon!

I'm sure you could go ahead and put these out for awhile so you don't have to find a place to store them just yet.haha

Those little Christmas ones are adorable and simply irristable for sure. Now they will have the perfect home in time for Christmas. $1.25 for both makes it even sweeter.

The Christmas Count down calendar is neat. Love santa and the dancing elves. Looks like they are having a ball. It does look like alot of work went into this.

So happy you got to get out and spend some fun shopping.

Candy, sounds like you found alot of treasures too. Will look forward to seeing them soon.


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Karen...you found some neat things.
That Walmart tray is a good size for many uses.
I NEVER saw that at my Walmart..even tho they had the chargers last yr and not this yr. Seems like they rotate their inventory from area to area.
I love those two 'cuties' you bought. I wouldn't be able to resist those faces either..I'm a sucker for that.
That Advent Calendar is like the one I made my DD many many moons ago. It was fun doing the countdown each day with her. The one you found is in great shape, and has lots of nice detail to it too. Great find.


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Lots of good stuff. I wanted a whole set of the dishes like the little plate, but resisted. I didn't see that tray either, that's really nice. Love your new Christmas decs., but I need to be donating instead of buying right now.

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nice finds Karen - I got those Walmart leaf/acorn plates with a cream background when they first came out this fall. I loved them and didn't want to take a chance. The advent calendar does look like it has a lot of work and I agree should have been passed down within the family how sad - at least it has a good home now and will be appreciated ......


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You found a plate with ACORNS at Walmart! How come I didn't see any of those when I was there last week???? Haven't seen the chargers either, and I really really like the way they look. Have you found them OA? Maybe I need to go out to the other Walmart.

I really like the shading on your big leaf plate, and those little stuffed guys are too cute. I agree that the countdown is so nice and a shame none of the family kept it as a family treasure. At least it has found a good home with someone who will appreciate all the effort and skill that went into making it. ;o)


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Punk, the leaf plate is 15" across. The tray is about 12x19".

Candy,my Dad is doing great. Thanks for asking about him.
Other than bedridden, he doesn't feel bad at all. He's so great to be around, always in a good mood and loves telling jokes. He's probably one of the most upbeat and happiest people I've ever known. Wish I'd grown up to be like him!

Going to Walmart on a weekend is not something I do as a rule, but I went Sunday cause Jason was home and just minutes away if needed. Plus I was only gone an hour and Dad was fine watching football with his little dog. I knew what I wanted to find, and tried to get in and out of there as fast as possible. I want to go someplace FUN next time.

Frou, I didn't see any plates, just the little ones like I got. I am donating to GW and the Humane Society TS, trouble is I can't resist going in and shopping when there.
LOL. So much for cutting back.

Candy I can't wait to see your finds. Radko plate? I didn't even know there was such a thing. Thought they just did ornaments. And LOL about the Santa on my countdown calendar having a purple bag...he must've been calling my name cause I sure wasn't looking for him.

hugs, Karen

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You did great Karen!! I love that tray! You have LOTS of time to display everything...Thanksgiving is still more than a week away ;^)
I'm delighted to hear that Dad is doing well...give him lots of hugs from all of us!

PS: the stuffed stitching is called Trapunto.

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Karen, so glad your dad is ok.
I am so glad you are giving the Advent cal a good home. Sad that someone did all that work!
Great finds!

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PM...I'm glad you're droppin' off a sack or two to TS's cause it sure is fun to see what you bring home..those little furry cuties! Brave soul, you are, shoppin' at W on the weekends! (I don't do that anymore) LOL!

Good news on DD...a real blessing in your life & vice versa, I would say. TFS! Jeanne S.

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