framing bathroom mirror question

Shannon01July 6, 2013

I searched but did not come up with any prior posts.

I want to frame my bathroom mirror. There are two ways to do it. Miter the molding or use square decorative blocks and butt trim up to them, no mitering.

The mirror sits flush on top of backsplash, with silver trim that covers the mirror edge where it sits on backsplash. This causes a high spot on the lower edge where molding will sit.

How does one frame a mirror set up like this?? I have looked at some tutorials but they are for mirrors where there is space between bottom of mirror and backsplash.

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Babka NorCal 9b

You could rout out that lower edge on the inside of the frame if you have the tools, or could take it to a frame shop. OR...

We had a similar situation with a mirror sitting in a metal channel. Ours had mirror clips on the sides and top. You might try this. Glue thin furring strips around the edges of your mirror to even things out. The sides and top strips will be thicker than the bottom strip. The bottom edge of your frame can be glued to the mirror. You will end up with a narrow space between the new frame and the mirror which can be caulked. This only works if you don't view the mirror from the side.


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