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candlerFebruary 7, 2013

Win7/EI8/4GBram/DellDualCore/AVG. Howdy. I use AOL e-mail only. It boots to the small screen and I have to click for a full page every time. I have the size fonts and icons I'm comfortablewith. Seems it should be simple remedy but I've tried it all, I think.

Another question. When I download something from the net the first thing that appears is a wide block at the bottom of the screen with maybe three lines in it. All of the wording seem to be computer stuff and confusing. All help appreciated. Thanks, Gene

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acraftylady for your email or the Aol program? Haven't used the program in years but I can call it up and check if that's what you mean. I much prefer to use a mail program for my aol mail since I am on high speed so have no use for the program. Mary

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Thanks for helping. I only use it for e-mail and never use their web site. I'm on high speed charter. Thanks, Gene

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You do know if you are on high speed you can ditch the bloated program and use any mail program you want if you don't care to use their browser for other stuff and just want to send and receive aol mail. I did that years ago as soon as we got on high speed. Will install it and see what settings I can remember. Mary

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Ok that was easy. With the mail window open click it to make it full screen then at the top on the tool bar click window then click remember window size only. Should open fill size every time now. Mary

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Hello, again, A. I don't have any dropdowm that cays "remember windows size only". On messing around trying to find it I came up with a rediculous screen that had all of the balloons at the top as big as they could get and the bottom two thirds had a my icons overwritten with garbled looking stuff. Bye

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I went to the control panel and wiped out whatever that was on my screen and replaced it with the background I previously had. It resolved my icons and text, too. Never have found anything referring to selecting "window size only". Bye

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Well I installed AOL desktop 9.7 and here is a screen shot of what I see on the tool bar. 7th from the left says window and in there is the setting. If you are using and older version then maybe it's in a different spot so fish around.

That is what you need to find and do in the AOL program then the mail screen will be full size over top the AOL tool bar and browser every time you open it so when done with mail can just X out to be on the tool bar and browser screen. I believe there are still AOL message boards non paying people have access too for help but sorry don't have the link as I have no need for any of this stuff any more but it's probably in the program some where to find free help. Mary

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Just noticed that you are using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8. I would advise that you update to Internet Explorer 9, since version 8 has many security vulnerabilities. Do you also have a second browser installed as a backup?

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If they are using the AOL program then that is another browser. If you only open up the AOL program to check your mail and don't use the browser then you can uninstall it and just use a mail program to send and receive your AOL mail and use IE or firefox for web browsing. Depends on your preference but I haven't used the program in 10yrs and never miss it. Mary

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Hello, Mary, I got messed up with my computer screen. Sometimes it's best just to cut off the computer for a while. Right? At times I seem abrupt in asking about my computer. I guess a computer and an old guy like me will always be complicated. My AOL e-mail window screen still shows up with the bottom inch blue. That's because I've not yet hit the full screen icon. But, the next time back to e-mail I have to hit the small screen icon again, as well. I suppose I'll just live with it. 25 degrees and no snow in these Western North Carolina mountains this morning. Sure feel sorry for the Northeast. Regards to all, Gene

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What version of AOL are you using? I know that setting was in older versions too so it's there you just have to dig around for it. Ahh if I was there I could find it and fix it in a minute. I used AOL for many years before we went to high speed. Mary

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Now, Gene, all you have to do is invite Mary for a visit, and she'll fix your AOL mail. LOL! I've often felt the same way when it was something I knew I could fix if I could get my hands on it.

BTW, I'm grateful we don't have any snow here in the Blue Ridge.

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I am 10min outside of Buffalo NY and we got some snow but it was worse north of us this time. I have helped friends here with very simple stuff because the simple things I know and when they try and pay me I just tell them a cup of tea and cookie will do. I think in my next life I would love to learn how to fix computers and cater to the elderly and their computer problems. Mary

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Mary, I'm with you. I'm the computer guru to my friends. By the way, we're all elderly.

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My mother really needs you. She says she just wants to throw her computer out the window sometimes, but it's too heavy. But she'll put up with a lot of aggravation in order to enjoy communicating with her grandchildren. The computer is safe as long as they keep emailing her. :)


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Good for you grandms Only 49 here so a long way to go before I can get my senior discounts, he he. My Mom is 85 and has a computer that has never been turned on. She is just not into all this technology at her age and my son took and old computer we had sitting around with windows 98 that was dead and installed linux on it and got it running and gave it to her and was gonna get time warner hooked up since that's who she has but when she found out it would cost that was the end of that. Me knowing my Mom and money knew that's how it would go but I let my son try and learn a lesson. Mary

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Another thing if you tell me what version of AOL you are using I can install that version and find the setting for you. Mary

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Hello, All. I just don't think AOL e-mail should be booting up to to the double-screen block in the upper right-hand corner. .I think it should boot to the full screen. I tend to blame it on Win7 but I've blamed everything else 7 since I switched to a new computer back in the Summer. I'd had XP from the beginning. Sure would like to have it back. Mary, for twenty or more years I've had the story about the fellow and his wife moving from Florida to Buffalo so they could enjoy the snow. I still have to read it occasionally. I hope its not as bad as the story went. I'm sure your computer skills are appreciated. Lite snow and 32 degrees all day in my area. Best regards, Gene

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The AOL program has nothing to do with windows 7 and its settings. The AOL program has it's own settings with in the program.

As I said you need fo find that setting in the AOL program and change it so it locks your email screen at full size every time and without knowing what version of the AOL program you are using if it's not the latest I can't help more but I am pretty sure all versions were able to do this.

I was a kid when the blizzard of 77 hit here and all i remember is the week off school as my parents had to deal with all the other issues, he he. Mary

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