help please - looking for island ventilation with remote blower?

carolmlJune 8, 2012

I have been reading all the posts on ventilation and perused a lot of web sites. Perhaps someone can help me.

We have a powerful remote blower on our roof that I would like to use in the "new" kitchen. The cook top will be on an island about 7 feet away from the current stove. There should be no problem lengthening the vent, no extra turns or anything. But I am having trouble finding a hood that will accept a remote blower - most of them seem to have integrated blowers. We will have a 36" induction cook top. I am looking for a 40-42" canopy. Something pretty maybe, perhaps a glass canopy (or am I asking for too much?) My husband thinks we can retrofit any hood fan and connect our blower. Any thoughts?

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I've always wondered how easy to clean the glass canopies are and how quickly do they go to looking dirty.

I've been looking at the wolf pro range hood for my island, it's not glas but it has a nice pro look, variable speed knob and baffles instead of a mesh filter.

Please report back with what you go with!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wolf Pro Island Hood

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I, too wonder about keeping a glass hood looking clean though I do like the look. We have a view and I would like to play down the appearance of the hood. I think this Wolf would overwhelm my induction cook top and my kitchen. And I don't think it has a remote blower. Nice looking hood though.

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It definitely has a remote blower as an option.

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Carolml, I was looking at hoods at Purcell-Murray the other day because we too put a remote blower on the roof. I love the look of the glass canopies, but I was told that if the blower is a strong one (which ours is and which I suspect most remote blowers would be) you can't use glass because it will fly apart from the vibration. I don't know how much vibration there would be (doesn't really sound right to me), but.... that's what I was told. OTOH, my contractor thinks it would be fairly easy to just remove the blower that comes with a hood and connect the canopy to the vent from the remote blower. For me, the deciding factor was the mesh screen vs. baffle problem - we're going for quiet. Posts here at GW suggest that baffles are quieter than the mesh screens, and none of the glass canopies can be got with baffles.



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burntfingers - I would have thought the glass in those things would be bullet proof. I have no idea how our remote blower would compare power wise, its been in the house since we bought it - all I know is that it works well. My husband is of the same mind as your builder though to me it seems kind of wasteful to buy a hood and then remove the blower, I'd rather buy one without a blower to begin with. I agree with you about the baffles but I don't want a heavy, industrial look. Have you found one you like yet?

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Hi Carolml,

I'm with you in thinking the glass would be at the very least shatterproof since it's designed to go over a cooking surface! I'm not going for industrial look either, but I haven't found an alternate yet. (Haven't really even started looking - there are SO many other Decisions That Must Be Made NOW !) If money is no object (HA!) and stainless is OK, the abbaka site has some beauties. Modernaire also has some fairly unobtrusive ones. But nothing as cute as the Best/Broan glass with the blue glow at the edge that I yearn for...

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Most baffled hood sources, such as Modernaire, Wolf, Abbaka, etc., can provide their units with remote blowers, or at least adapted for remote blowers. The Wolf hood I own has a blower control sized for its recommended motors, but this control is a relatively standard design that should work for any comparably sized induction motor. Modernaire will build whatever you want. Reports in this forum suggest the cost is competitive.


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Thanks everyone. I'll keep looking. I had not heard of Abbaka before and haven't really looked at Modernaire. It would be nice to go somewhere and actually see and touch some hoods. The local appliance stores here only have one or two models on display. I wonder if there is a website that displays different makes.

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