Thought of Jeanne and her birds

luvstocraftNovember 4, 2010

Here's a nice blog with a neat, free, printable sign with a bird and a nice saying. I immediately thought of Jeanne and her birds--and anyone else who might enjoy it too. You just need to go about halfway down the page, click on the printable, then right click and save it. Enjoy!


Here is a link that might be useful: Free printable

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Cute sign Luvs. I always think of J too and her wonderful cardinals when birds come up.


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I love the wall display with all the bird prints and objects. It has such an 'Airy and Springy' look to it...
Definitely brings 'J' to mind!


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"Keep calm & sing a song"...I like that, luvs! Too bad I'm not a good singer...but I certainly sing in my head alot! jaybird can sing it tho!

Some cute ideas here...I really love the bracket with the birdcage ...& the blogger has some cute prints. Thanks for thinking of me...tweet, tweet! LOL! (that's tweet, no tweak!..tweaking will be coming soon!) Jeanne S.

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The birdcage/plant hanger is too cute!

Lots of other clever ideas as well.


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Speaking of's a couple pics of some feeding in the Fall...taken thru my LR window (afraid it was a bit dusty from gravel roads & no rain)...but this day we had a little rain.

Here's the bird arbor probably 10' from LR windows:

Here's a close-up of a couple birds feeding at that hanging feeder under the arbor:

and here's a Bluejay that I tried to capture...feeding at the log birdfeeder in the left foreground of that "arbor pic"...I was interrupting his lunch & he gave me a stare:

Oh well, back to it ...windy that day as you can see some feathers moving:

Just wanted to share...thanks, luvs, for thinking of me. Jeanne S.

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Ohhhh that's where my cousin went!!!!!! Bad actin' fella'!
Thank you so much for the cute pictures.
And THANK YOU Luvs, for the link!!! I LOVE that will be up in my choir room on Sunday!!

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Funny, jay!'ve touched jay & now her choir will also share in the sign! TFS! Jeanne S.

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