Can this pebblestone floor be fixed?

nebsterJuly 2, 2013

Hey everybody,

I have a large master bathroom with a raised, white pebblestone floor throughout. The bathroom has an open shower area with multiple heads that drain to a center drain in the middle of the room. The pebblestone is continuous across the whole room, including over to the sinks, toilet, and so on.

One year in to this pretty questionable choice for a floor finish, the pebbles/grout are really looking pretty shoddy. The wear areas are seeing lots of coloration and scum, and the parts where we don't walk look pristine and white and pretty. I made the mistake of not treating/re-sealing the stone regularly, which probably would have mitigated this.

I have taken my power sprayer to the pebblestone, and it does do a good job of abrading all the scum and dirt off the top. (It also sends grout fines everywhere, but that's another story.)

However, I still have some coloration, "darker" areas in places, and so on. I wonder, is there any chemical I could use to try to restore the floor to something closer to the original white?

Otherwise, the nuclear option is on the table: just tear it out and put something else that's more reasonable in instead. I am seriously considering this. However, since that would be a last resort, it seems it might also be possible to try to coat the entire floor with some kind of stain or colorant. Worst case, the pebbles are coming out anyway, so maybe this is something I could try as a last-ditch before replacement.

I didn't choose this floor, and I knew it would be an issue the moment we bought the house. We like a lot of the choices in this home, but occasionally the decisions made by the DIY builder just seem like they were made with no consideration towards practicality.

Thanks guys.

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Try an oxygenating (non-chlorine bleach) cleaner, along the lines of an Oxyclean.

Once you get it clean and the grout is fully dry, if you really want to torture yourself, you could use an epoxy-based grout colorant over the cementitious grout. At least in the shower.

It's a common recommendation for traditional tile and grout lines, but I'm not certain if it'll be practical for a grout and pebble floor, because you'd probably have to apply it with a no kidding paint brush just to the grout.


It'll essentially lay down a somewhat bulletproof epoxy film over the existing grout. It might not be a practical solution considering the combination of grout and pebbles...but it's worth looking at.

Aquamix Grout Colorant.

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