Tweaking Fall decor and a Santa GW find

PurplemoonNovember 6, 2010

Here's the two vignettes I tweaked. Added my Pilgrim Nutcracker to the one, and some flowers to the other.

I put three sets of the S&Ps on the right end of the long kitchen counter.

And put the 4th S&P set, plus a little turkey figurine that's same size, on the right end of the counter.

I found this LARGE Santa music box at GW last Sat. Its 11 inches long, and 10 inches high. Plays "Santa Clause is Coming to Town". I have it on the floor for photo, so please ignore the black leg of the recliner.

Right now Photobucket is not letting me move my photos around in 'organize', and seems the slideshow isn't working either. Sometimes they are a tiny bit of a pain.

hugs, Karen

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I love the tweaking you have done - the nutcracker looks very happy in his new home. The santa music box is a great find .....


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Tweak away, girl! That nutcracker sure found his home by that apothecary jar...he looks great there! And I have never seen a turkey bowl like you have on your counter...looks good with the flowers added to.

Love your turkey plates on the counter...I have 2 but can't seem to find a place for them to yours with the S&P shakers...cute ones! I think I am liking "turkeys" too much now since being on this forum! Gooble! Gooble! Jeanne S.

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I LOVE that Pilgrim Nutcracker. I'm always amazed that you always find such unique (& cute) ones, and I like the vignette you created with him too.
Also, is that green turkey a Bordallo? He's another nice one that caught my eye.
Your Turkey S&P collections look great with your plates.
You seem to be on a 'Roll'...and I agree your 'tweaking' is coming along nicely.
I can't get over how fast you put away all your Halloween stuff!
Oh.. almost forgot to mention >> great find with that GW Santa...he's 'Grand'!

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I really like your vignettes--it looks like you're ready for Thanksgiving. I love the big green turkey bowl and the pilgrim nutcracker. I have a lantern pretty similar to the one with the nutcracker, and a pale green turkey platter like yours. No wonder I love your stuff! And I like what you've done with the salt and peppers in the kitchen. I have started to collect turkey shakers but ones as good looking as yours are REALLY hard to find. I especially like the ones underneath the cake stand. We have a flock of wild turkeys that go through our yard and sleep in our garden, which really sparked my interest in turkeys. I wonder if they'll be hanging around through the next few weeks?!

- Magpie

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Jeanne, I'm so sorry but I just have to tell you that your "Gooble Gooble" just cracked me up! I know, I know, you really meant "Gobble Gobble". Forgive me for pointing it out, lord knows I make tons of spelling errors too, but you gave me such a great chuckle and I do appreciate that. ;o)

Karen, great find on that Santa. And the music part even works--fantastic! Nice "tweaking" and I too am impressed by your pilgrim nutcracker--you are getting quite the collection of those.


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LOL, luvs! And I am a good speller!!! English minor in college...teh hee! So:


1 : to make the natural guttural noise of a male turkey 2 : to make a sound resembling the gobble of a turkey

Thanks for the correction! I never noticed!!! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, while you were "Goobling", I see I stretched out Santa's name a bit....Clause??? Sheeesh.

Mags, all my S&P turkeys were found on eBay over the last couple of seasons. There are over 400 on now. Several sellers have my Turkey couple, the one with the little hen, by my green platter. I am kind of picky which turkey styles appeal to me, so at least I didn't go too crazy. I check eBay for one particular set I want now but try to resist all the others. LOL.

The green turkey serving dish also came from eBay last year.
Its not Bordallo, its made by Celebrations. I think its probably meant for the cranberry sauce or something similar.
Along the bottom rim of the turkey are pinecones and ACORNS.
hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: turkey S&P sets

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I thought those might be ACORNS and pinecones along the bottom, then thought maybe not. Well, now I like that dish even more! LOL


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Oh, darn you, Enablers R Us, Purplemoon! You HAD TO POST TURKEY S&P SETS!

from Jeanne S. with a grin on her face... (who may.... GOOBLE, GOBBLE, & GOOGLE, too!)

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I really like your Pilgrim nutcracker, Karen. Nice colors, too. The Celebrations turkey serving bowl is darling! As for your new GW find, it's wonderful!! I can't believe someone gave that away.

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Your vignettes were good before, but they are even better now.
I sure am glad you remembered your Pilgrim nutcracker before the holiday was over!
Still lovin that green turkey bowl.


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I'm just gonna say it, I'm am pea green with envy over that green turkey bowl and the white platters. I've been watching for a white platter and haven't seen one yet. All your decorations are gorgeous. I've got to start using ebay more, you do so well on there.

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PM...I just won another Woodfield Stubenville cup & saucer on e-bay ...not the $5 bargain I got on the first one while on vacation ...shipping, ya know...but I am happy...$11 cool! So I really do appreciate you sharing E-bay finds! Tee Hee! Jeanne S. Here's the description:

Here's a beautiful Steubenville Woodfield Tea & Toast Set in the Salmon Pink color. Woodfield, with its distinctive leaf shape and bold colors, is one of the most unusual and most interesting patterns from any of the old American potteries. It's certainly the most recognizable pattern from Steubenville.
This beautiful set is called a "Tea & Toast" set. This one is 60 to 70 years old, yet it's in Excellent Condition.

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Jeanne, congratulations on the lovely little tea 'n toast set. Amazing its so old and in such good shape. Don't you sometimes wish things could talk to us and tell us their stories?

Frou, I lucked up on both those big turkey platters at GW.
At different times. $5 each. I was really thrilled to say the least. Their size and weight would keep me from buying them off eBay with shipping. I especially love the greenish one!

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, so glad you were able to add to your set, amazing that it has survived so long--makes it even more of a treasure.

Frou, keeping checking YS and TS, I've seen three or four big platters. One was a nice white one similar to Karen's that I really liked, but I just don't have the storage or display space for big things.


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frou...I got a big white turkey plate last yr (after holiday season) at a specialty cooking/kitchen shop...we've been using it ...I got it for 50% they are out there! And ck your GW...just saw one the other day ...higher pricing at GW but I think it was $6. Jeanne S. ...
I too am loving Karen's!

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Gooble, Gobble,
Jeanne, it's been said before, you always making us chuckle here. It's so fun being here and funnier what tickles us at times. I'm still laughing. Good for the soul.

Karen, I love how you've decorated with all your fall things. I don't have as many neat things as you but makes me want to dig out some more and enjoy before Thanksgiving. Thanks for all the inspiration. Good thing I don't do ebay or I would be bidding on some turkey s & p shakers for sure after seeing all of them.

Jeanne, so glad you won some more of your dishes. They are a beautiful set.

Frou, I sure hope you can find you a gr turkey and white platter. Better get on ebay and join the fun.LOL That gr & wht platter of Karens is so pretty too.

Hope all of you will keep showing your beautiful items.


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