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Marlene KindredNovember 21, 2011

I was browsing through the pins that you ladies have who are on Pinterest and I requested an invite over a week and a half ago and still haven't received one. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get an invite....I'm a little frustrated since I can't go everywhere on the site without an invitation.....any ideas?

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It can take a few weeks. I am having trouble as I don't have a FB account and I asked if I can join without one. I don't want one!

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I got mine within hours, only to find out you need Facebook or Twitter to join.

I emailed them and they said you need to have either to join. They did tell me that I could join Twitter, join Pinterest, then delete my Twitter acccount. So that's what I did. :o)

Hope this helps.

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Marlene Kindred

Thanks....I FINALLY got my invite....sheesh...took almost two weeks.

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Glad you made it on, Marlene. I didn't know you "had" to be on FB or Twitter. Luckily I was already on Facebook,
took a couple of days to get my Pinterest invite. I really like seeing all the pix and saving lots myself of course.

hugs, Karen

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I wonder if it as hard to close a Twitter acct as it is to ditch FB.

Some controversary going around about Pinterest. Some people don't credit back to the owner of the picture, and have used them for commercial purposes besides. We are being advised to watermark all our pics, but I guess there is a way to remove the watermark too.
One blogger I know was contacted by the owner of the pic and asked to remove them. There was no link back on the pic when she found it.
Photo bucket accounts can be locked too.

I don't like having to have a FB or Twitter account to join Pinterest, and if enough people protest, they will change. Way too much info out there!

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When you pin a picture from somebody's blog, there is always a link attached to the picture directly back to that blog. That way you can always go back to get the directions for whatever craft or decoration or recipe if that is what you are pinning. The object of Pinterest is to have a board of images so you can see what piqued your interest. Then you can go back to the website or blog at a later date for details. So I think that the original poster of a picture would definitely be credited by linking back to their blog.

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Yes, on your board, but if someone then copies and saves it, then posts it, there is no link back to the owner. And that is what is happening. So everyone is being told to watermark their pics.
I saw a pic that was taken from a blog of someone I know, and there was no reference to the owner. In fact, the person made it seen like it was her table and people were complimenting her on it! :(

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