New linen closet shelves - love it!

sjhockeyfan325July 15, 2014

My handyman built the shelves yesterday. He did such a nice job, I thought I'd show them off :-)

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How handy! Must be looking forward to the storage. BF put in shelfves over washer dryer and pantry sheves in laundry corner. Cant even remember without them.

Very nice polished look, lucky you!

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Thanks Jaynes - it's the "polished look" that I so admire. I am not a DIYer at all, so having found a handyman that can do EVERYTHING, I'm very lucky.

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SJ, you are very lucky indeed. Those are awesome shelves, so slick and polished. And all the things you can put on them!

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Very nice! LOL, I thought I was the only one excited about my new shelves. Glad to see someone else appreciates shelves. :-)

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Shelves are great, they are so neat and tidy.

Glad that you have access to such a talented handyman. Some folks can really reek havoc, I know :( It was in my kitchen 3 years ago that I first encountered awful workmanship. A year or two later I got to see more of his terrible work in a house down the road. I was glad that I let him go after a small job related to the kitchen. I had someone much better repair the work.

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