New Frigidaire Ovens Smell BAD

cookin_emJune 9, 2007

Has anyone out there had an experience similar to mine? We just got new Frigidaire Professional Series double convection ovens. They look great. They brown great. They SMELL TERRIBLE! So far, we cannot get rid of that "new" smell. When ever we turn the ovens on they smell like burning plastic, and it makes us sick. Does anyone know if we are supposed to do something to make the smell go away? We have let them "burn" for hours and the smell will not go away.

Please help!


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Don't know for sure, but I wonder if there really IS plastic sheeting in there. (E.g., companies will often use nearly-invisible sheeting to protect things like finishes or windows). If it isn't clear from a careful visual inspection, I'd suggest you check with the company - either from FAQ on the web or by calling customer service. It's unlikely you're the first person to have such an experience so the company might know something you don't.

Good luck.

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It will gradually go away with normal use. To get rid of the smell immediately, remove the oven racks (wash with hot,soapy water) and run both ovens through the self-clean cycle.

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Thanks theapplianceguy! We ran the self clean cycle on both ovens twice. The first time we ran the regular cycle and the second time we ran the max clean cycle. The ovens still put off some of that plastic smell, but it is greatly reduced. This leads me to believe the smell will indeed go away soon. Still, this was a very uncomfortable way to experience new ovens.

For anyone reading this and contemplating new ovens, I recommend asking a seller about this problem before you buy. I'm guessing the smell problem is worse in some manufacturers than others. I am surprised I haven't read more about it on the web.

If anyone out there has recently purchased new ovens and NOT had this bad smell experience, please let me know which brand(s) you purchased.

Thanks again!

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cookin em, my Frigidaire Pro Series Double Oven smelled like that too, but it went away after the first few times that I used each oven. I guess yours took a little longer. I think I read in the manual that some smell is normal, sounds like you had an extreme smell though, glad it has gotten better.


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We have the Frigedaire Professional series slide in stove and experience the same bad smell - almost burns your eyes.
Have had it since March and still smells bad (but do not use oven that often).
Just called Frigedaire and they said someting about the binding on the insulation causing it and it should go away, but if its been that long to call in a service call.
May still do that next week and may try the self-cleaning mode. Thanks.

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The smell was so strong that it would burn our eyes.
We called the service man out... he didn't leave it on long enough for the smell to be noticable - and then left.

We did the self clean process and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks theapplianceguy.

Sister-in-law just bought the built-in double oven version and never had the smell issue.. so I guess it doesn't happen to all of them.

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