need under cabinet range hood - "Best" by Broan?

lydiacaitlinJune 2, 2014

I need a good hood for over a Wolf 30" range top. I will duct to outside. Prefer an under cabinet model, as minimal and sleek as possible. Sturdy and easy to clean filters. Good lighting is important too!

I'm considering the Best Classico Poco 30" Stainless Steel Pro-Style Range Hood. You have to buy an interior blower to go with it (no problem), and it requires 8" of ductwork. It has the baffle filters you can put in the dishwasher, which I like.

Does anyone have this hood, or something like it by "Best" (terrible name for web searching, btw)?

If not, does anyone have anything similar that you love and can recommend?

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I do not have that hood but wanted to add that Best makes hoods for many brands, including Wolf. I was very surprised to learn the prices for Best vs. the comparable Wolf model - basically the same!

After some thought (and seeing the expense!) I decided to buy a used hood off ebay. If you think about it, it's a pretty safe route. A hood is mounted high out of reach of most and not likely to get scratched. Plus the hood itself doesn't do anything - it's just metal. The blower is very simple and a few hundred to replace if needed. But not likely to need replacement as most don't use them much. Anyway, I bought a 6 yr old Wolf island hood from ebay. It came with a blower and cost less than half of new. Something to think about.

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I suggest reading a sampling of hood threads (topics) on this forum to gain insight into the many factors that influence hood functionality. Spoiler: Hoods have to perform several functions including capture and containment, grease separation, cooktop illumination, and fire stopping. How well a hood does those things and how loud it is in doing them are also considerations.


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Fori is not pleased

I was looking at that model too and I have to agree--of all the pre-internet companies that are hard to google, that's gotta be at the top.

(But I don't know anything about the hood. Seems like we're looking for similar looks and function though.)

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Search using "Broan/Nutone," the parent company of Best. I believe Best is a brand name for a line of Broan hoods. One plus for Broan is that they provide the fan curves for their fans and blowers, just like industrial and aerospace fan manufacturers normally provide. Wolf will also provide fan curves once one is passed through to the correct engineer.


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Wowza, there is some serious range hood info on some previous threads here. I literally spent hours reading and researching. Wow, wow, wow.

I was initially set on doing a Miele slide-out under cabinet hood. The aesthetic is unbeatable, but as with many things I suspect this is a case of "if it looks too good to be true..." I think there is no way that would be effective in a heavy-cooking household with this gas range.

I decided the Best Pro-Style hood I saw at the appliance store will suit my needs fine. It seems to pass on all the major points I learned about from the exhaustive info on this forum. It's much less money than the Wolf, which seems to be basically the same quality and functionality. And the design is simple and minimal enough.

I admire the ebay idea -- normally would be right up my alley, but with this project I am moving FAST!! I'm in the midst of a complicated pregnancy and literally making all my kitchen decisions in less than 2 weeks here...

So I'm just going to go for the Best and hope for the best... Good luck everyone!

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Fori is not pleased

Report back when you get a chance to test it out. You know how it is to google "best hood reviews" Haha!

I would have no problems using a slideout over a 30" gas cooktop, high BTU or not. A rangetop though might need better coverage since they're deeper but it could work if you pay attention to where stuff is when you're cooking.

But you gotta let kitchens be kitchens. No shame in a hood...

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I have had a Best hood by Broan for 4 years now and it has been a great hood. It is a WP29 on the wall over my Wolf Rangetop. It is very quite and realy gets the odors and grease out. The baffles can go in the DW and I just wipe up the rest of the hood. I think it was a good choice for our kitchen.

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Kalapointer - just wanted to say, very nice setup! Love the hood, love its clean lines. And, curved edges with no sharp corners - awesome. Actually love the whole thing (backsplash, cabinets, counters, and those red knobs!)

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Thank you Sahmmy, I really enjoy cooking in the kitchen.

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Awesome range area kalapointer. Love the tile. Where does the hood vent to? Does any of the ductwork have to go through your cabinets? Unfortunately mine will have to make a right turn and go through the top of my new custom cabinets to vent outside the house. If you have a setup like that, I'd love to hear how it worked out for you, and maybe see a pic of your ductwork!!

Also, can I ask how high above the range you mounted the hood? Thanks!!!

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lydia - the hood vents up into an attic space where the inline motor is and then the duct turns and vents out the back side of our house. Since the motor is above the ceiling it is very quite. The hood is 30 inches above the range top. I took another photo so you can see where the vent goes up above the hood. I have been very happy with the hood and it is easy to clean. Good luck with your decision on a hood.

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I'm considering a Best by Broan for over my 36" Wolf Rangetop but my concern is that the color of the stainless matches and doesn't look 'off'. I can't really tell from your pictures on here if that's the case (kind of looks like they match perfectly?). Can you please let me know?

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Stainless from all brands matches pretty well. Stainless will never look exactly alike appliance to appliance, even within the same brand, since different appliances are made from different rolls of stainless and often come from different factories.

Also keep in mind that most appliance manufacturers do not make their own hoods anyway; they buy them from different ventilation manufacturers like Best. It is possible you could get the exact same thing as the above if you bought a Wolf hood (not sure who is making theirs now).

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This is the exact hood we are considering after visit to our local appliances store. I am glad to see a good feedback on it. However, we are going to have induction cooktop and I am still not sure how the bulky hood will look with the sleek cooktop...

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Didn't hear back from the OP, but I have a very similar Best hood. Mine has a lip that comes straight out rather than tipping down in front. I suspect the working parts are much alike. Mine is over a Wolf 36" cooktop. It is plenty -- usually use it and half or lower, but I like that it has more when we do need it. It is only loud if you are right under it, and even then much quieter than any other vent I've had. I have at least 3 brands with stainless and they all work fine for me.

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