Don't forget.....

PurplemoonNovember 1, 2010

Don't forget we have OVER 200 inspiration photos in our

Fall-Thanksgiving album. So if you want ideas, or just 'eye-candy', bookmark the album. I'm sure I'll be adding more often the way you guys will be going, and me prowling the web late at night. LOL.

Since I can only post one link, I'll do a second post for the Christmas stuff.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Fall and Thanksgiving Inspiration Album

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Our very loaded Christmas Inspiration Album. The main album, Christmas Trees, has 107 photos so far. There are SIX sub albums on the left of that page. Their totals as of today are
Villages,32. Mantels,25. Misc. 129. Nativities, 7.
Tabletops-Centerpieces, 87. Wreaths-Garlands, 42.

Grand total for Christmas Inspiration is 429. I'm hoping by the end of this year that rises to 500. LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Inspiration Albums

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look at them often - thank you again for all the work you do on those albums - it is much appreciated :) .....


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Thanks, PM! I just went thru the Fall/Tksgvg one awhile ago...quite impressive! TFS all this hard work...time-consuming job! 'appreciated! Jeanne S.

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Karen -
These albums are so wonderful to go through over and over.
I never tire of looking.
I have to say, that each time I view them, I always think of the amount of time that's put into them, and all your hard work.
Thank you for being our 'Mother Hen' !


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No thanks are necessary, it was truly a labor of love.
You know how obsessed I am with photos, LOL, and to be able to do this and share it with all of you has made me very happy. Once the initial set-up was done, its so easy to add photos and no longer any work at all.

I've been working on a project for me lately, thanks to Luvs! LOL. She commented the other day in a post that she'd saved so many pictures for 'future projects' that her computer was going to slow down. Well I'm as bad, or worse, than she is about doing this. So I decided to do my own computer a favor and get a lot of photos OFF of it.
Plus I'd been saving so many for so long, that they'd become a bit disorganized in my personal filing cabinet. I couldn't remember what was where half the time. The past few nights I've set up Photobucket albums that are organized. I started with a Craft & Decor album, then added sub albums in it for Halloween, Fall-Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I uploaded 367 just to those! After I take a break from this for a few days, I'll do a sub album for the Spring and Summer Holiday ideas I've got saved. Meanwhile, after getting all those pix on Photobucket, I deleted most from my computer with the exception of very favorite ones. I'll keep them saved in both places.

Jeeez, I must be planning to live to 300 yrs old. I'll be lucky if I do a tenth of what I saved. LOL. But hey, its fun to look at the pictures and dream about doing stuff.

Now the bad news, these new albums aren't "public" ones.
Some pictures I've saved, I'm not sure if the people who did them would want someone else to make public. (like people who are selling things on Etsy for example. Its ok to share the link to see what they have, but maybe not to just show their photos.) I try to respect others' feelings about this.
Tho the majority of what I've saved for me ARE in our Inspiration albums for all of you to see.

Anyway, Luvs, thanks for spurring me to help my computer out
and also to organize my 'borrowed ideas'. And I love how much easier it is to SEE everything on Photobucket instead of going thru my PFC. Now if you could just get me to stop procrastinating and start DOING some of this stuff. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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I'm off to a Doctor's appointment..and just glanced at your post Karen about what to do with all the photos on your pc...I swear I was going to ask this question too, because I have too many pictures and I've got 'pc overload'.
I will check back because I know I'll have ques on what you will do with them.
I'm so glad Luvs mentioned it and you posted this.


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All these albums are saved on my computer and even followed me from the old computer to the new one last week :D

Although I often visit the albums, they never cease to amaze me.

You know, you all deserve a full magazine article - with lots of pages filled with your fantastic creations. Not only they're fantastic but they also have something magazine designers forget to add to their beautiful decors: a heart and a soul.

Those decorations you made are... alive. That's what makes them even more beautiful. And I couldn't set up any kind of decoration myself without taking an eye to those albums - just to find a bit of inspiration or check out as to whether I did things right.

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Karen, just yesterday while I was taking down all the Halloween, I was thinking about needing to go browse the albums you've created to look for some new ideas for Fall/Thanksgiving. I don't have as much Fall stuff,--maybe that's a good thing.

Karen, do you pay for extra Photobucket space? The reason I ask is because I remember Judith saying they had told her she "exceeded" her limit on pictures and she had to switch to another photo place.

I want to have my DH do a backup of all my saved inspiration pictures. I've actually lost things like that before when a computer crashed.

Ok, I'm off to check the Fall album, then I've got to get dressed and go VOTE!


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Thanks Karen! I really appreciate you taking the time to make these albums for us. Like luvs, I've just gone though all your Autumn & Thanksgiving ones to inspire me. DD took down the Halloween decs yesterday and they're now piled onto our dining room table. Today I'll (hopefully) get them all packed away and start putting out my pretty Autumn ones.

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YES to the voting!!!
Yes to having toooooooooooooo many pictures...
and YES THANK YOU KAREN for all of the work you do to save out pictures and give us future inspiration!!!
I'm sending lots of hugs to you for being the industrious lady who does all of this work!!

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Prosp, what a beautiful thing you said! It really touched me. And you are right about how so many of our gang here decorate with 'heart and soul' showing.

Luvs, I have around a 1000 Inspiration photos in our albums...I also have that many for the Garden Junk gang to enjoy. And then of course my own various albums (most of which are public if anyone wants to look). And I hadn't exceeded any limit with Photobucket. I would check and still had plenty of "room" left according to them.
However, for the past two yrs, I do pay a yearly fee. By doing that, I don't have all those annoying pop-up ads on my albums. Its worth it to me, and I'm sure others looking at my albums would agree. I pay $25 a year, which not only means no pop-ups, it also gives me UN-limited space on pictures so I don't have to ever worry about having too many on there.

Long ago, I use to try saving pictures to disc to free up my computer. But I found I never went back and looked at them, and it was not as easy to get to what I wanted as having them in online albums. I originally started with Kodak albums, and still have them too. So in a way, Kodak AND Photobucket are my back-ups. I doubt either will go out of business, much less both. Plus as I mentioned, I still keep my very favorite photos on my computer too. Kodak requires you to make a purchase, during a year's time, of $14 I believe. That is easy for me as I often order a Christmas gift or real photos from them. I have lost count of how many albums I've got on Kodak, or how many photos. But its a LOT.

If there's a craft or idea I want to print out, and the photo is on Kodak or PB, its no problem to retrieve it. I just right-click on the pix, and do save-as right back to my computer PFC. Then can print it out easily.

Anyway, I love Photobucket. So easy to use, so many neat effects to play with. I'm still learning a lot of that.
But I think its the best place to have albums!

hugs, Karen

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