Shower glass: starfire or not? Door handles?

jacobseJuly 18, 2010

We're getting down to the final decisions we need to make in our dual bathroom remodel. Hooray! ;)

The shower was measured for glass on Friday, and the order has to go in first thing Monday morning. I'd appreciate any feedback on whether or not it's worth about $400 extra for Starfire glass? I don't think the glass guy would have even brought it up if I hadn't asked about it (from seeing it mentioned here in a previous thread).

Also, does anyone have handles for a glass shower door other than a straight bar pull or basic "D" handle like this?

I don't think we want a long bar, and while I'm okay with the curved D handle, I was thinking there might be some other attractive handles out there. My first round of searching the web has come up pretty empty. Our style is contemporary; the finish is satin nickel. Any pointers to photos or web sites would be much appreciated.

-- Eric

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I think it is worth it because conventional glass will look really "green" in comparison.

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Personally, I love the green tint of glass-but it doesn't go with every decor.

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I agree with palimpset. "Normal" glass has a green tint to it. Depending on the tiles you have in your shower this will be more or less noticable. We have white carrara marble and the Starfire glass shows exactly that, and not greenish marble. For us the investment is worth it. With darker tiles, I am not so sure.

As for the handles, our glass door maker gave us a brochure with many options to pick from. Have you asked your installers for their options?

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We used Starfire glass for our guest bathroom shower doors. This is the only bathroom in the house with a shower stall (no tub) and the only one getting glass doors, so we didn't mind the splurge either. The wall tile is white, as is the shower pan, and we wanted them to look white without a green tint. We also went a little taller with the glass (76" instead of 72"?) because the hinges would have needed to sit right on our listello border tile otherwise. Since it's a guest bathroom, we decided to go with 3/8" thick glass rather than 1/2" thick (it feels substantial BTW, not flimsy in the least), so saved a few $ there.

Our handle was listed as being the "contemporary" model/style by the company that did our glass. There was a slight upcharge for that. Ours are either Satin or Brushed Nickel and look like the ones I linked below (we didn't get them from that site--I don't know if ours are 6" or 8", too lazy to go downstairs to measure them, but you can get the idea).

Here is a link that might be useful: Satin Nickel Shower door handles

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Thanks for all the feedback. I've been leaning towards the starfire glass, so it's nice to hear some positive comments about it.

Annemouse, the glass installer did give me a brochure from the company they apparently but their hardware from: C. R. Laurence. And I see C.R. Laurence a lot in searching the web for door handles -- like the one cat_mom posted above -- but they don't seem to have a large variety of styles. That's why I was asking if anyone had, or could point me to, any handles other than basic bar pulls, rounded or squared-off D pulls. We'll probably just go with the 8" D handle unless I find something else.

-- Eric

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I have been a HUGE proponent of starphire for years. Here is why.
You spend thousands of dollars and time on choosing and installing tile in the shower. THen you cover it with a green filter (aka regular glass)! Especially on white tiles, glass, marble and other lighter options, the green tint ruins the look.

Get starphire.

CRL is the best place to look for door handles. We got square door handles. your glass guy can order any style you want from them.

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Might check out Portals.
Concerto or Counterpoint?
See link below.

I have a traditional bath and got the symphony or sonata (not exactly sure which 'cause they look so similar on their website). We also purchased the handle through our shower door subcontractor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Portals door hardware

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Just looked for our brochure. Indeed, we ordered from Portals.Counterpoint was our no frills choice, but there are more. Hope this helps.

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Jean Bo

I go to the homeshows in my area and there is a company that sells all sorts of stainless products. Door handles, robe hooks, hinges you get the idea. I will try and look for the brochure tomorrow. They also sell the really long contemporary handles for showers. I don't know what the price range is but I am getting to that stage myself and all the shower people that have come out all have the same book, same choices.

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I did a LOT of research on frameless shower door handles and concluded that your options for who makes them are pretty much C.R. Laurence and U.S. Horizons. All of the sites that I found pretty much sold one or both of these brands, even if they weren't stated as such (i.e. their own 'name' or part #).
Neither of these sites seems to sell to the public, but you can see ALL of the options through the links on this site below.

I've included a photo of what we chose. We needed a 30' towel bar and a handle, so our options were limited.
We also did NOT opt for the starfire and I can't say that I'm sorry about it. It doesn't look as tinted in person as it does in the photo below, but I don't think it appears green at all to me; maybe that depends on what colors are in your shower. I don't mind the light tinted look at all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frameless shower door/accessories

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Thanks for the mention of U.S. Horizons; I had only been seeing the C.R. Laurence handles when I looked previously. I found one from U.S. Horizons we liked better, so I sent a note to our GC to see if the glass guy could still change it; it may be too late if he ordered the CRL one earlier in the week.

We did decide to go with Starphire glass. The difference in cost was about $400, so we decided that was plausible enough to go for it. Our accent tiles are off-white tumbled marble, and I didn't want to see them look green. We have an angle in the glass from the entry to the bathroom, so that seemed like it might increase the chances of seeing green if we didn't use Starphire. And if it wouldn't have mattered, we'll never know!

-- Eric

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Our shower door was installed yesterday.

Our tile is blue, so you don't notice the green tint at all when you look into the shower. When you are in the shower looking out (towards a window) the glass appears green-but I love the color of green glass, and to me, it appears totally normal to be looking through a greenish tint. It is so much lighter and cleaner than the 15-year old shower door it replaced that I'm happy!

BTW, we got the standard handle in bright chrome for a mostly vintage bathroom and it looks fine. It sort of disappears because it is so plain.

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Jean Bo

I said above I would post the company that I knew of that had the shower door handles. I did post it but not on this thread cause I lost track of this one but anyway here it is: I just ordered a shower door handle from them and I went big, 39" long and very contemporary. All shower glass installers wanted to charge me big money for the standard size shower pull and I got this large one for the same price. This company has really really good prices and sells all sorts of stuff all stainless steel. They also sell the clips and stuff for the glass but I will just get that from the glass installer, I don't want any excuses if I have issue with the shower glass inclosure or door. BTW the people at this company could not have been nicer or easier to deal with.

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