Question about Paint Pricing

jillandmattJune 24, 2011

Hello, We are building a new house and are almost ready for paint. Our contract with our builder is for flat paint in the entire house. With three kids I want to switch to a washable flat or an eggshell. Our builder asked the painters what the cost would be to switch. The painter said it would be a $175 per room upcharge. The painter gave two reasons: the eggshell would need a third coat (the flat would only need two coats)and the eggshell is a more expensive paint than flat. Does that sounds reasonable? I have painted with eggshell before and have never used three coats... this is in addition to the drywall primer they will spray on first. I know the eggshell is a little more expensive, but only $5-$7 per gallon, probably less than that with the painter's discount. Thanks for any advice!

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Eggshell shows more imperfections so they have to work harder to get it right. They might do an extra coat because they do an extra check for imperfections.

Also they have to clean out the brushes etc. The charge sounds pretty reasonable.

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Don't count on them actually applying the third coat if the second coat covers well which it should.

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Thanks! We are now thinking about going with a washable flat. The paint store says it's the same price as the eggshell and requires the same amount of coats. I'm waiting to see what the painter says and if he is going to charge extra for this paint.

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