Style of drawers w/cottage door fronts

loves2readJuly 16, 2014

We are getting bids on having master bath redone--
have had 3 contractors out and gotten "interested" response from only 1---
have met w/that guy's cabinet designer twice --
they use MidContinent cabinetry it seems and I have read +/- here and on other sites...this company has many positive reviews on Angie's List which I can't believe are all planted and there were no complaints about cabinets...
of course we will go out to see their jobs if we take their bid...
just haven't gotten any response really from other guys...which seems the norm for this part of Florida from other stuff we have had done...

the style we like is Cottage -- which has Beadboard fronts...normally flat drawer fronts...
we first thought we would get beadboard drawer fronts as well but it looked mega busy to me since the drawer stacks have smaller fronts --

so now after CAD guy has been to house and made sure of space/measurements he is mocking up a more refined schema and will use a 5 pc drawer front--like a Shaker design...
My husband still thinks the cottage drawers would be ok but to me just too busy--

Any comments??
-I have Googled for photos of kitchens and baths w/the cottage drawers or the 5 pc--
most of the time looks like they are using the flat front/solid drawer front...
which is less expensive I guess...
this image shows a vanity w/doors and no drawer stack and a free standing cabinet---not the best image since they aren't really installed--just examples

Here is a link that might be useful: w/cottage drawer front and solid

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I think this is matter of opinion and the answer could go either way. We chose this style and I think we're going to like it alot. Clearly, our bathroom isn't finished yet, but you can see the installed vanity and see what you think. (It's perfectly OK with me if this confirms your original take of "too busy." Happy to help you make a decision for your home.:-)

Click on the photos to make them bigger.

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thanks for sharing your photos--
that doesn't look as bad as the drawings--
the guy who is doing the design said that the software defaults with darker lines--like it is glazed--and a plain white would not be so noticeable...

You are right--it is totally a personal preference issue--
I googled for more photos and found some with the plain slab fronts and the recessed plain panel--will just have to think on it some more

I appreciate your input

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Cleaning dust, makeup, and baby powder out of those grooves right at the frame on the doors or drawers is a big PIA. Be sure you're OK with that, and with MidContinent's specs.

"C. End Panels
⢠Constructed of 3/8" 45 lb. industrial grade particleboard laminated
with a chemical-embossed 30gm printed industrial grade paper
with urethane top coat to match the finish.
⢠The white and antique white door styles are 50gm solid color
semi-saturated white paper with top coat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spec Book

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If you decide to go with flat front you can still get a cottagey vibe with the hardware (like cup pulls). You can also either add some furniture legs or a skirt with some detailing. The bottom of this drawing is a bit cutoff but there are brackets at the bottom with a little curvy detail.

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We asked for upgraded boxes/options
Going to see CAD guy now
Will check on that
U r right about front being harder to clean but we arent messy
No kids in house
Pretty much no makeup at my life stage either

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