Bluestar rcs366bv1 vs. rcs36-irv1? What's the difference???

kitchenpigletJune 27, 2012

I'm about to purchase a 36'' bluestar range, but in my research of pricing i've came across these two model numbers but cant figure out the difference between the two? Is one newer than the other? Please help, any info is appreciated

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BV1 has one 9k btu burner and five 15 btu burners.

IRV1 has one 9k btu burner,one 18k btu burner and four 15k btu burner.

RNB has one 10k btu burner,two 22k btu burner, three 15k btu burner.

Ovens are the same now with 1850 degree broilers and convection gas oven.

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Thanks deeageaux...that's what i was thinking but then I saw the irv1 models on websites and they didnt show a 18k btu you know where can I find the info on the different models?

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