Durock seems? What 'mud/joint compoud' to use?

aaron2005July 17, 2007

So the plan is to put up Druock on the walls around the tub and greenboard everywhere else, including the ceiling of the entire bathroom (not tiling on the ceiling).

I was going to put redguard over the durock as a water barrier, rather than put up a vapor barrirer under the durock (one of the walls is an exterior wall), I believe this is still ok to do. We would then tile over the redguard around the tub.

My first question:

Do I just use "normal" drywall tape & the bucket of mud from Home Depot (green or blue top) to do between seems of Durock?

2nd question:

How about between the Durock and Greenboard seems? Same as above, normal tape with gree/blue bucket of mud? Including the Durock Greenboard Ceiling transition?

And I assume, for Greenboard seems, it would be the same..but, please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks everyone in advance,


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Sorry, I can't spell!!!! Off on a daze when writing this question.

seam between the Durock.

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First answer...no.

Second answer...no.

OK I'm done being a wiseass.

The seams between the Durock get a special mesh tape designed for cement board/Durock...NOT the mesh tape in the drywall section of the big orange box. I'm sure they sell it there, but you can definitely get it from a tile supply house. Same tape for where the Durock meets the greenboard/sheetrock.

As for the "joint compound" you'll use the same thinset that you'll be setting the tile with...and you will be using thinset, NOT MASTIC! Basically you can run the tape and hold off on the thinset until you reach that area while tiling. If you thinset each seam before you begin any tiling, you'll have a slightly raised area which can be fussy once you start tiling. If you thinset the tape (like you would during a normal sheetrock install) then apply more thinset and rake out you'll avoid the humps and bumps. As for the intersection of the Durock and greenboard, use normal joint compound in the green or blue bucket. Remember, that area will probably be painted and thinset doesn't finish very well :)

Why do you want to greenboard everything else? If it's a moisture question, the greenboard is probably overkill and you'd be better off controlling it with a good fan. Also, your "framing" must be closer than 16" on center on the ceiling (its either 8" or 12" I forget which) as the greenboard will sag. Also, greenboard doesn't take paint very well.

I just finished up my kids bathroom and cememt boarded the tub/shower, and sheetrocked everything else. I put in a Panasonic fan that everyone around here seems to love, and I'm confident that will be fine.

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Basically you can run the tape and hold off on the thinset until you reach that area while tiling

Not if he's going to Redgard it. It has to be thinsetted prior to using the Redgard.

As for the joint where the walls meet the ceiling, it depends on whether you're going to tile or paint the ceiling. If you're going to tile it, then thinset will do fine there, as well. If not, then you want to use Durabond, which can be sanded down and painted just like normal joint compound, but won't reimulsify the way joint compound will. AS for the greenboard in the rest of the bathroom, that's fine, whether you're going to paint it or tile it.

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Thanks for the help. I haven't truely decided on the Greenboard for the ceiling just yet...but I do remember that I had heard about the sagging issue and was going to check the length. Worst case is that if it was greater than 16", then use furlows between the ceiling peices.

I am sorry, but what exactly is thinset? Is it just the compound that is used to hold the tile? To be honest, tiling is bigger than I, so I have hired a company to do the tiling. I am just doing the demo & prep work as I have been reading the forums and books for the last few months.

I have done drywall many times before, including a lot in the kitchen rebuild that I did..I just have never played with Durock before..and wanted to get it right the 1st time :).

Thanks for all the info,

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Found the URl below about thinset..sorry.

Also, if I put the mesh tap, between the seems for the Durock, and then cover it with thinset..the next step after that is to put on Redguard..correct?

So when the contracter tiles..they'll put another layer of thinset for the tile itself, is this correct?

Here is a link that might be useful: Wikiepedia Thinset

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Correct. You may want to sand or stone the edges of the thinset when you tape the durock, though, before you redgard.

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Just like when you do normal joint compound, smooth out to make it look as flush as possible?

And I just noticed, it isn't furlows...its furring strips..perhaps even 2x4 between the ceiling members.

I just started the fun part of demo...gotta love drywall dust :)

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