White doors and baseboards with wood windows and window trim?

senator13June 7, 2011

Originally, I had planned on doing both wood stained windows and trim in the interior of our home, as well as wood stained doors. I had always planned on doing white trim around the doors and the baseboards because I like that look better against the wood floors.

However, now I found a white painted door that I truly love and is our price range. So I am leaning towards doing white doors with white trim at base and around the doors, and stained windows with a stained trim to match around them.

The home is new construction with an Arts and Crafts influence.

So my question is, will this look stupid? And, do you have any pictures that show similar door/window/trim combos.


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I don't have any pictures to show you but I do have a mix of stained and painted. I have stained concrete floors, brown, stained doors, stained windows, and painted woodwork..baseboards and trim in the bedrooms, stained everything everywhere else. I love the bedrooms, with so much stain and brown the living room is very heavy , but the bedrooms with painted woodwork this lightens the rooms up so much.

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I can't imagine not matching window trim with baseboards. I would talk to more people.

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We currently have dark mahogany wood floors, white painted trim everywhere, white doors and stained windows. Our next house will be similar. Doing a carbonized strand bambo, white trim, white fiberglass windows, and possibly stained wood doors. I like the combination of the wood windows/white trim. It looks like the floor/base.

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Well, we have something like you describe, though our window trim is painted to match the baseboard. The doors on the first floor are stained wood, while the doors on the 2nd floor are painted. The windows and stained doors are Douglas fir and the wood on the windows was so lovely that we couldn't bear to paint it. Of course, then we had to paint the baseboards and trim as we did not want to mix woods here and Doug fir for all the trim would have been prohibitively expensive. Floors are red oak. Here's some pics:
From Doors, Windows, Trim

From Doors, Windows, Trim

From Doors, Windows, Trim

From Moved in

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There is a photo on the link below from Houzz for Veranda Estate Homes with stained trim and white baseboards. I wish I could link the exact photo, but I can't. The photo is on the 5th page of photos and is of a window seat with a chandelier overhead and gold-colored drapery panels.

You don't see the mix of stained wood and white a lot, but I think it is a classy look when the right color stain and paint are chosen. The undertones of each need to be in the same color family.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stained trim/White baseboards - page 5

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It is strange that you would be thinking about painted woodwork if you are serious about emulating the Arts & Crafts Movement.

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