Winter Wallpaper

OakleyNovember 12, 2010

We had a big cold front come in so the timing is perfect!

Below is a link to a lot of pictures you can use on your computer as wallpaper. Beautiful Winter scenes!

My whole screen is full of a blue background with nothing but snowflakes. lol

For those of you who don't know how to do it, follow these easy instructions. Not sure how it would work on a Mac though.

1. Click on a picture you like.

2. When that picture comes up, at the bottom of the picture choose "Enlarge picture."

3. The larger size picture appears, then right click your mouse and you should have a small menu where one of the options reads "Set as background" or something similar.

Make sure to ENLARGE the picture first, or you'll get a smaller size picture instead.

If you do this I'd be interested to know what picture you chose!

Here is a link that might be useful: Winter/Christmas Wallpaper

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Some beautiful pic's. Thanks for shareing...

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Lots of gorgeous pictures there Oakleyok, but I find scenic wallpaper distracting on my computer so I just have the boring blue background. Thanks for sharing that site, I enjoyed looking at them. Luvs

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Thank you for sharing this! It was hard to choose which was my favorite. I finally narrowed it down to between "In the Twilight" and "Nightly Carriage Ride". I'm just a sucker for a big old full moon, so I finally chose the carriage ride.

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Dreamgoddess, I like the night scenes too. That's why I chose the snowflakes with the blue background. When it snows here in the country, nothing is prettier than walking in it close to dusk when everything looks blue!

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I really love some of those wallpaper scenes but I have been using one of my own photos depending on the season - gardens in the summer, fall decorating in the fall, Christmas tree, cats - whatever strikes my mood. I also have my photos set up to do a random slide show as a screen saver .....


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