Horizontal Tiling to Tub Flange

yazkJuly 26, 2012


I have a rather odd dilema. We have an alcove but we don't want to use the entire length for the tub. At one end, we want to put a ledge of about 6". The only problem is the tub we want has an integral flange around the three sides (as well as an integral apron).

Does anyone have any suggestions of how we would tile the ledge area up to or over the flange? Or is this a bad idea altogther?

Attached is a (very badly drawn!) picture to help in case it was explained well.

Thank You.

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I'd just make it a raised ledge and tile up and over with the horizontal surface overhanging the vertical surface.

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We did it like KevinMP suggested, but raised it up enough so it could either be a ledge/shelf or a seat.

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