Cold freezer, warm fridge

karateken123June 15, 2014

I've been having an occasional issue with my Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator (see photo for specs) where the freezer runs fine, but the fridge runs warm. Last year, I removed the bottom tray from the freezer and used a blow dryer to melt ice that had accumulated and the fridge returned to normal. I tried the same thing today, but so far the cold isn't coming back. I've made certain that there is nothing blocking the two ports from the freezer into the fridge. and the fan is running. The freezer is very cold. Why isn't that air dropping into the fridge if the fan is blowing?


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Hi karateken123,

I don't know if I have the answer to your problem, but I had a sort of similar problem with my Kenmore Elite fridge a few years ago.

I have a 5 year old Kenmore Elite bottom freezer refrigerator. At the top of the fresh food compartment there is a semi circular plastic attachment to the back wall. It looks like there are little louvers/slits on the front. Every now and then you hear a little motor running and a fan will start. Over time the motor noise got louder and erratic and I called Sears for service (it was still under warranty).

The tech came out and explained that what I was hearing was louvers being opened and the fan pulling in the cold air from the freezer to cool down the fresh food compartment. ( I didn't have any problem with the fresh food compartment being too warm) The little motor was not working well and he replaced it. It was a little electronic part and he did the repair very quickly.

I wonder if this little trap door system isn't working efficiantly to bring in the cold air from the freezer to cool down your fresh food compartment.

This is just a guess on what might be causing your problem.

Have you tried calling the Sears/ Kenmore service line and try to run it buy one of their techs?

Here is a link that might be useful: This Kenmore looks like the current version of our fridge

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Per the parts diagram this is a unit of simpler design that doesn't have a motorized louver for airflow control into the fresh food section.

You mentioned frost accumulation. A malfunction of the auto-defrost system (timer, heating element, thermostat) will cause excess frost to accumulate on the evaporator (cooling coil) in the freezer section which impedes ariflow across it. The freezer may be at normal temperature but the fresh food section won't get sufficient airflow.

BTW, the leading 106. on the model number indicates Whirlpool manufactured the unit for Sears.

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I just had the same experience with my 10-year-old Amana. Sears tech came out and said the computer component on the auto-defrost system was shot. The estimate was up to $350 to fix it and I said don't even bother. Shopping for a new one.

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This unit of question doesn't have any computer boards.

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