Frameless glass shower with U channel hidden between tiles?

kaysdJuly 11, 2012

We are doing a 59" wide x 8' tall frameless glass enclosure for a steam shower. There will be a door between 2 fixed panels, with a tilt out piece above the door to vent. I have been reading the threads that discuss clips versus channels, and I am wondering whether anyone has tried to "bury" the channel in between 2 tiles rather than mounting the channel on top of the tiles.

Our shower alcove is about 42" deep. I was thinking we could have the tile setter install the tile 40" out from the back wall, then affix the U channel to the wall right next to the tile, then butt a 1" tile trim piece up to the other side of the channel, so that very little, if any, of the channel is visible on either side. I would like to know if this technique works before I suggest it to the GC.

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Hmmm, that's a good idea, one I may copy when we get to that stage in a month or so. What has your tile guy said? I would wondering about water penetrating.

What are you doing around the entrance to your shower? Are you doing clips on the vertical edges or u-channel? Also, are you going to tile the vertical edges (the edges that come down and meet the curb) or the same material as your curb/threshold?

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I have not met the tile guy yet, as we will not be ready for tile for at least 7 weeks. I am just trying to get input before I describe this idea to our GC.

I am not sure yet whether we are doing a slab or tile threshold. I plan on all vertical surfaces being tiled, although I guess I could frame the entire opening with slab remnants if there is a benefit to the added cost. We are going for a sleek, modern look, and I think a slab frame might look more traditional.

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tempered glass may break, too.

Use any method you want, but make it easy to replace the glass.

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Would the method I am suggesting make it difficult to replace the glass?

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There was a discussion about this in earlier -- I finally found the thread. Scroll down to where Chays starts posting. There you'll find some discussion of the "embedding" options + pictures of what Chays did. A truly beautiful bathroom. While it's not a steam shower, I don't see why there would be any problems.

When our glass walls were being installed (with clips + silicone), I asked about the embedding option. The only issue the installer said he might have would be identifying leaks when they occurred. But he did not see that as a big issue.

Hope this helps.

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Our shower glass wall is inset into the tile without any clips or frames. the installers cut a channel into the finished tile, secure it with a special cement, and caulk the joint on each side to match the tile grout. Works and looks great!

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No reason it cannot be done, it just requires prior planning and having your shower guy and glass guy on the same before the shower is even started.

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